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This week, I would like to do something different. For the last few years, you all have gotten to know me a bit as I’ve shared some of my joys and struggles and what God is teaching me through both. Now I would appreciate getting to know my readers. This would help me to better write blog posts that apply to you as I find out what season of life you are in.

Some ideas of helpful information would be: How long have you been reading my posts? Are you a grandparent? A parent of small children? Single person? Older? Middle-aged? Young (under 30)? What kind of work do you do? Approximately how often do you read my posts? Are you joyful? Going through a trial? Maybe an illness? Are you able to share? The things you post will be public so I’m not asking for personal information that you would be uncomfortable sharing with the world but I would love to know anything that you are comfortable telling me about.

Thank you in advance for taking a minute to comment. I hope you all are having a blessed January. I am reminded more each day that we serve a faithful God. He loves you so much.

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Sony Elise

Sony Elise

Sony has been an avid southern gospel fan since she first heard The Happy Goodman Family on a cassette in the mid-1980s. She is the co-founder of Family Renewal and the owner of Sony Elise Editing Services.


  1. scottysearan

    Sony I have read your blogs quite a while I have enjoyed them
    I am happily married grandparent retired and love serving the Lord
    I am very conservative I do love my Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord
    I do care about the trials that people go through
    I love sharing with people to help them get through their trials
    I do love reading your blogs
    Just one side note today I was filling in for the adult Sunday School class
    We were supposed to be studying and Josiah which was one of the better Kings of Israel a king who honor God in all his ways that didn’t turn to the left or to the right he walked in the narrow way.
    But I got off on a side Trail talking about the power we needed and should have in the churches
    So many are content with living life as a carnal Christian but I am not satisfied with living a carnal Christian lifestyle
    I want to be an overcomer
    My desire is to be like the disciples in the early church they had power to overcome the world and it’s obstacles
    Really I am tired of seeing so much sickness and bondage in the churches
    I am ready for deliverance
    Is it too much to ask when God promised it in his book that we could have certain things if we ask in faith?
    I believe healing is something we should not have to wait for
    I believe healing is a good gift
    God said he would give us good gifts and I don’t see having a sick body is a good gift
    I don’t want this to be a one individual show.
    I want it to be a Christian family where the brothers and sisters in the Lord can pray for one another and they be healed now not later Satan has fooled us by telling us that it is God’s Sovereign will for us to wait on him continuously
    I never saw in the word where God said wait and I will heal you
    Jesus when he went to a town heal the people right now as he ministered
    The disciples have people brought to them and they heal them right then
    Even scriptures confirm that is what will happen if we believe and that is what I want for the church to believe for what Jesus said

    • Sony Elise

      Thank you for taking the time to reply. I always enjoy hearing from you. I have seen God heal people instantly, but I’ve also seen many cases where the answer is not instantaneous, and it is usually not a lack of faith. It takes at least a little faith to ask prayer for healing. But I continue to ask, seek, and knock and trust that God will answer my prayers, whether for myself or my loved ones. He is faithful in everything.

  2. PeterT

    Hi Sony! I’m a young, single reader (early twenties) from Canada who reads your posts weekly. I’m studying education in university, hoping to work as a teacher one day. I’ve been reading your articles since Southern Gospel Blog days, if that helps give you an idea of how long it’s been! I think I have a fairly normal Christian life, in the sense of having frequent ups and downs, but with a real desire to know and follow the Lord more. I really enjoy your devotional articles, and thank you for sharing them with us every week.

    • Sony Elise

      Hi Peter, thank you for your comment. You have been reading my posts quite a while. Thank you! It’s a blessing to know that there are young people who want to keep growing closer to the Lord. May God bless you as you continue to grow in Him.


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