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Radio shows and television shows have theme songs, so why shouldn’t a blog?

I’ve posted this video clip of the Rebels several times in the past. One year, I commented that someone ought to rent a booth at NQC that would simply feature a big screen television playing this song by the Rebels on a loop. London Parris may not be a name that is recognized as quickly as Big Chief Wetherington, JD Sumner, or George Younce, but he was an amazing bass singer. Standing 18 inches away from the microphone, he hammers notes most basses would have to swallow the mic to hit.

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  1. Reply April 10, 19:52 #1 Olaneljonoisleje

    The Kingdom Heirs should bring this one back. I think Jeff Chapman would nail it!

  2. Reply October 25, 06:53 #2 Reggie Brann

    London was very underrated. He could surely sing.

    The piano player was playing note for note with London, on one segment of the song and Jim Hamill did some vocal movements of his own. Rebels are solid indeed in this clip.

    Did you check on the cost of that rental space at NQC ??? How much ???

  3. Reply November 20, 22:43 #3 Bobbie Wiseman

    Loved Jim Hamill, and London Paris was really terrific on bass with this song. Also, liked the piano interlude….who is this pianist??

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