Do You Believe in God?

by Sony Elise | September 22, 2019 2:46 PM

When asked the title question, I expect everyone reading this would answer, “Yes, I do!” But does your life reflect what you profess to believe?

It’s easy for the majority of people to believe in God. James 2:19 tells us that even the demons believe … and they tremble! I don’t see many people trembling as they go about their self-indulgent, self-focused lives. This makes me wonder, Do you believe in God?

This is suicide awareness month. Before I knew that, my heart had begun to break for the increasing number of people who are depressed and suicidal. I understand that life is hard, and sometimes death seems like an easy way out of the pain and heartache that we often have to deal with, but we serve a God who can comfort and strengthen and give the grace you need to face another day. Do you believe in God?

Life is short and getting shorter every day. God has put us here for a reason, which is primarily to glorify Him and to make Him known to those around us. Are we doing that? Do your co-workers see you joyfully serving Christ and those around you as you go about your mundane tasks? Do they see you refraining from joining in on the gossip and dirty jokes? Do they know that you believe in God?

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are in good standing with the Lord because you profess to believe in Him. Evaluate your life. Does it reflect His ways? Do people see His love flowing through you? Are you radiating with His joy? Are you trusting Him for each tomorrow? Do you really believe in God?

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