Getting to Know You

by Sony Elise | January 21, 2018 2:56 PM

This week, I would like to do something different. For the last few years, you all have gotten to know me a bit as I’ve shared some of my joys and struggles and what God is teaching me through both. Now I would appreciate getting to know my readers. This would help me to better write blog posts that apply to you as I find out what season of life you are in.

Some ideas of helpful information would be: How long have you been reading my posts? Are you a grandparent? A parent of small children? Single person? Older? Middle-aged? Young (under 30)? What kind of work do you do? Approximately how often do you read my posts? Are you joyful? Going through a trial? Maybe an illness? Are you able to share? The things you post will be public so I’m not asking for personal information that you would be uncomfortable sharing with the world but I would love to know anything that you are comfortable telling me about.

Thank you in advance for taking a minute to comment. I hope you all are having a blessed January. I am reminded more each day that we serve a faithful God. He loves you so much.

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