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Oak Ridge Boys tenor singer Joe Bonsall announced he has left the group due to an ongoing neuromuscular condition that has progressed to the point he can no longer walk. Ben James has joined the group to sing the tenor notes as the Oaks continue their American Made Farewell Tour in 2024.

Sonlite Records announced the addition of Sound Street trio to their family of recording artists. A single is scheduled to release this month with a full album to come later. Roger Talley is producing the new recording.

The Dixie Echoes announced the departure of bass singer Mark Cates. Cates sang previously with the group from 2016 to 2018 and began his more recent tenure in 2022. Bass singers who are interested in applying for the open position are asked to send a demo and resume by email to: scootde78@aol.com.


Former Dixie Echoes, Wilburns, and Blackwood Brothers singer Michael Helwig passed away on December 24.

Peg McKamey Bean of The McKameys passed away on December 26 after suffering a stroke two weeks earlier. Her memorial service was held on December 29 in Clinton, Tennessee.

The dates listed here are distribution dates when music will officially be available through retail and online outlets. Some titles may be available sooner direct from the artists.

January 12 – Wilson Fairchild (CD/streaming)


January 12 – Jonathan Wilburn – Songs From The Front Pew (CD/streaming)


January 26 – Josh Singletary – Grand (CD/streaming)


January 26 – Mark Bishop – Home (CD/streaming)


January 26 – What I’m For – Dave Adkins (CD/streaming)


February 16 – The Kingsmen – Unstoppable God (CD/streaming)


February 23 – Donna Ulisse – Mountain Lily (CD/streaming)

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com.


  1. Stephanie Gwinn

    There was also a great new album called “Means Something to Me” – by an artist named Tate Emmons, released today. And also, released today was a new single called “Prove ‘Em Wrong” – by Lauren, Amber & Kenna. Oh, and I almost forgot, another single released today was “My God” by Scotty Inman.

    • David Bruce Murray


      We don’t list new single releases, just albums.

      Tate Emmons (and/or any entity representing him) failed to make us aware of his album prior to the publication of this article.

      • Daniel H

        I understand you were unaware of the Tate Emmons album, but it was advertised in singing news and is currently in the top 10 on iTunes Christian album charts.

        Any album with nearly half the songs written by Ronnie Hinson is definitely southern gospel.

        Check it out! I’ve been curious how y’all would review it.

        • David Bruce Murray

          All we can do is ask (and repeatedly ask) for information regarding pending album releases so we can give them a free advertisement here. There is no magical manner in which we might simply know a new album is coming out. As for it being advertised in Singing News, well, I only received the January issue two days ago.

          Looking at the ad now, I still would not have the information I needed to list it here even if I’d seen it in time. It’s listed in the Singing News advertisement as a “Radio Release,” which would appear to be the release of a single rather than an album.

        • Stephanie Gwinn

          I’ll be interested in seeing how it’s reviewed here too. I love this album. I’d never heard of Tate before and he’s only 13 years old. But, wow! I’m really impressed with him. It’s my first album purchase of 2024.

          • Daniel h

            Tate and Mrs. Natalie live an hour from me in Mississippi and I’ve been fortunate to watch him grow into this as he’s been encouraged by many artists coming to their church.
            Truly a team effort.

  2. Chad Miller

    Any news on the personnel change with The Kingsmen? Where’s Drew? Thank you.

    • David Bruce Murray

      Nothing has been announced at this point. Brady Jones has filled in recently. It’s my understanding that Drew Laney left the group in mid-December.

      I heard Brady back in November with the Chuck Wagon Gang and thought he might be a candidate for their job opening as he can also play rhythm guitar. They told me him being in college was the only thing standing in the way of him getting that job.

      If the Kingsmen do hire him, I guess he’d have to either put college on hold or figure out how to make it work studying remotely.

      I’d expect them to put out some sort of statement to that effect if/when it happens.

  3. Joshua Cromwell

    Legacy Five is releasing a new album i don’t know the day it will be released but it will be releasing this month.


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