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This past Saturday, the Kingsmen Quartet announced a major overhaul to the group lineup. Tenor singer Thomas Nalley and lead singer Cole Watson, both recently of Gold City, have joined the Kingsmen replacing Chris Bryant who left the group several weeks ago and Chris Jenkins who more recently joined Gold City respectively.

The Kingsmen Quartet also announced the hiring of 20-year-old utility bass singer Drew Laney who has been traveling with the group since mid-August. Laney is a protégé of long-time Kingsmen bass singer Ray Dean Reese who said of the addition, “Allow me to quell all rumors and state that I am NOT retiring…The fans are already loving this fine young man, and I am thoroughly enjoying a new added role as mentor and teacher.”

The Old Paths will change their name/branding effective Monday, December 5 due to other entities that associate the expression “old paths” on social media with hate speech the group does not support or encourage. To submit a suggestion for a new group name and win a prize package if your nomination is selected, send an email by November 14 with “Name Submission” in the subject line to: contact@theoldpathsonline.com

The Ball Brothers are requesting donations to assist a church in Ukraine with a parking lot expansion. The group visited the church earlier this year to deliver supplies and offer encouragement. Click HERE for all the details.

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound announced their 2022 Christmas tour will include a 3-piece jazz band and feature material from their 2019 release A Jazzy Little Christmas. The tour begins in Texas on December 1 and concludes in Ohio on December 17.


Click HERE to listen to November 2022 releases on YouTube Music.
Click HERE to listen to new 2022 Christmas releases on YouTube Music..

November 11 – Lauren Talley – This Is For You (CD/streaming)
November 11 – Gerald Wolfe – Keys To A Peaceful Christmas (CD/streaming)
November 11 – The Hoppers – Generations (streaming reissue of 2004 album)
November 7 – The Ball Brothers – Undercover (CD-limited autographed quantity available direct from the artist only)
November 11 – Lanny Wolfe – In Everything Give Thanks (streaming reissue of 1986 album)


The dates listed here are distribution dates when music will officially be available through retail and online outlets. Some titles may be available sooner direct from the artists.

November 25 – Williamson Branch – Very Merry Christmas (CD/streaming)
January 20 – Brothers Of The Heart – Listen To The Music (DVD/CD/streaming)
January 20 – Triumphant Quartet – Hymns & Worship (CD/streaming)

Date TBA – The Inspirationals Quartet – (CD)

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com.


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