#NewsNuggets: 6-10-22

by David Bruce Murray | June 10, 2022 2:00 PM

The Southern Gospel Music Association launched the Southern Gospel Breakfast Hour[1] concert series at Biblical Times Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee yesterday. Arthur Rice was the first artist appearing on the series with eleven more concerts planned in June and July. A second series is scheduled for November and December.

Poet Voices announced the addition of bass singer K C Armstrong. Armstrong’s past experience includes performing with the United States Air Force Singing Sergeants and the United States Army Chorus as well as a stints with the Promisedland Quartet and King’s Cadence.

On May 6[2], Gordon Mote was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by Jacksonville State University in Alabama where he had attended for three years before completing his undergraduate degree at Belmont University in Tennessee. Mote was introduced at the ceremony by Alabama lead singer and JSU alumni/trustee Randy Owen.

Family Music Group announced they have added the McBride Family of Pisgah, Alabama to the FMG Bluegrass label. Their upcoming album will include the first ten songs ever written by group member Brannigan McBride.


Former Gold City and Tony Gore/Majesty musician Byron Steward passed away[3] on Saturday, June 4. He was 44 years old. A memorial service for Steward was held Tuesday in Hackleburg, Alabama.


June 10 – The Lanny Wolfe Trio – Children Of Asuza Street (streaming re-issue)
June 10 – The Lanny Wolfe Trio – Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy (streaming re-issue)
June 10 – Lanny Wolfe And The Lanny Wolfe Trio – I’m Gonna Praise The Lord (streaming re-issue)
June 10 – Lanny Wolfe Singers – Father Love (streaming re-issue)
June 10 – The Lanny Wolfe Trio – There’s Something In The Air (streaming re-issue)
June 10 – The Lanny Wolfe Trio – Through The Years (streaming re-issue)
June 10 – Lanny Wolfe and Don Marsh – Greater Is He (streaming re-issue)


Click HERE[4] to listen to June 2022 releases on YouTube Music.

The dates listed here are distribution dates when music will officially be available through retail and online outlets. Some titles may be available sooner direct from the artists.

June 24 – Mac Powell – New Creation (vinyl)
July 1 – Carolina The Band – Turn: A Legacy Of American Songs (CD/streaming)
July 15 – 3 Heath Brothers – Into The Deep (CD/streaming)

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