#NewsNuggets: 9-17-21

#NewsNuggets: 9-17-21


Artist Resource Services and Daywind announced the winner of their inaugural Lift Your Voice vocal competition is 8th Street, a male trio from Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Group members include Jonathan Thompson, Ivan Hugart, and Byron Hugart.

In a video announcement on Tuesday, Ernie Haase and Devin McGlamery jointly announced McGlamery is leaving Ernie Haase & Signature Sound to work full-time for Fellowship Of Christian Athletes. McGlamery’s replacement is former EH&SS baritone Doug Anderson.

Hendersonville, Tennessee’s mayor Jamie Clary proclaimed September 14 “The Isaacs Day.” This honor commemorates the day the popular group became members of The Grand Ole Opry.


Please pray for the family of pianist Jeff Stice who passed away on Tuesday. Stice performed with the Monitors Quartet, the Blackwood Brothers, and the Nelons in the 1980s; and the Kingdom Heirs in the late 1990s/early 2000s. He also co-founded two popular male quartets: Perfect Heart in 1990 and Integrity Quartet (now Triumphant Quartet) in 2002.


September 17 – Tribute Quartet – Once Again (CD) (features new recordings of previous Tribute hits with the current vocalists)
September 17 – Harry Connick Jr. – Alone With My Faith (vinyl)


The dates listed here are distribution dates when music will officially be available through retail and online outlets. Some titles may be available sooner direct from the artists.

September 24 – Southbound – He’s Got A Way (CD) (not final artwork)
September 24 – Carrie Underwood – My Gift: Special Edition (CD)
September 24 – Courageous (remastered movie re-release in theaters)
September 24 – Mark Bishop – Some Distant Mountain (CD)
September 28 – The Hyssongs – Hope Wins (CD)
October 1 – Gaither Vocal Band – All Heaven And Nature Sing (CD)
October 1 – Joseph Habedank – Change Is Coming (Vinyl)
October 15 – Mac Powell – New Creation (CD)
October 15 – Gaither Vocal Band – All Heaven And Nature Sing (DVD)
October 15 – The Kingdom Heirs – I Feel A Good Day Coming On (CD)

October 22 – Ronny Hinson – The Lighthouse Fifty Year Celebration (CD)

October 22 – If It Wasn’t For The Lighthouse (Television Special)

October 22 – Zach Williams – I Don’t Want Christmas To End (CD)
October 29 – 11th Hour – Anthem Of The Ages (CD)
October 29 – The Kramers – Christmas (CD)
November 5 – Carrie Underwood – My Gift: Special Edition (LP)
???? – Lee Black – Beloved: A Collection Of Modern Hymns

Early 2022 – William Lee Golden & The Goldens – Old Country Church Gospel (CD)

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com. David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply September 17, 14:48 #1 Zack

    With the news of Doug rejoining Cana’s Voice, I wonder what that means for the future of Cana’s Voice???? Ernie mentioned in the video that Doug had to finish some “final” Cana’s Voice concerts before he begins with EHSS in November. Maybe I am reading too much into that, but I get this sense that Cana’s Voice might not continue. I do hope I am wrong about that. They have created some amazing music together in the past few years.

    • Reply September 17, 14:57 David Bruce Murray Author

      Ernie’s use of the word “final” pretty clearly means that Doug will no longer be singing with Cana’s Voice.

      Whether or not Cana’s Voice is going to move forward with another vocalist or cease recording/touring was not raised in the video.

      • Reply September 17, 16:46 Zack

        Yeah, the word “final” definitely settled in my spirit that Doug would not longer be with Cana’s Voice.. Even though it wasn’t raised in the video, which wouldn’t have been a good time to do so, I highly doubt the group will continue with a new vocalist. Those three are family. I could be way off with my prediction. I imagine we will hear soon enough. Personally, I would enjoy seeing Cana’s Voice move forward. If the CV chapter does close though, they did give us two incredible projects. I am happy for Doug. He will make an amazing addition to EHSS, again :)

  2. Reply September 17, 14:50 #2 Zack

    I do realize that Jody McBrayer splits time with Avalon, but EHSS is on the road more frequently. I meant to include that in my first comment lol

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