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Squire Parsons has announced his retirement from touring. Parsons’ career spans 50 years, beginning with a stint with the West Virginia-based Calvarymen in 1969. Parsons has endured health problems over the past few years.

The latest single by Joseph Habedank (“Shame On Me”) will only be released to stream on Apple Music and download on iTunes according to press material issued this week. To explain the rationale behind this decision, Habedank stated, “Apple refused to join an appeal to the recent Copyright Royalty Board ruling giving songwriters only their second major pay raise in over 110 years. Apple honored songwriters, and I am honoring them in this way.”

On a related, ironic note, the official video for Habedank’s “Shame On Me” was released on YouTube this week by Daywind Records. The video includes the same audio said to be exclusive to Apple/iTunes, plus an introductory backstory by Habedank. YouTube’s parent company, Google, is one that has gone on record opposing the higher royalties advocated by Apple.

Absolutely Gospel Music honored their partly-industry nominated, partly-fan-voted award winners for 2019 on Tuesday. Click HERE to view the complete list of winners.

Having completed his biblical studies at Liberty University, Richard Hyssong of The Hyssongs was recently ordained into the gospel ministry.

Singing News editor Danny Jones announced the launch of a new weekly podcast called Danny’s Diary. Jones’ podcast will be available in May, coinciding with the month Singing News will begin its 51st year of publication.

The Mountain Fever Music Group has added a new gospel/inspirational label imprint, Morning Glory Music. The first release on the Morning Glory Music label will be an all-Gospel project featuring the talents of Alan Bibey & Grasstowne titled Gonna Rise & Shine.

Releasing Today

April 19 – Mallory Hope – Out Of My Hands (CD)
(Preview Here – YouTube)


Please let us know if any significant upcoming releases are missing from this list. Note, the dates listed here are distribution dates when music will officially be available through retail and/or large online outlets. Some titles may be available sooner direct from the artists.

April 26 – Joseph Habedank – Deeper Oceans (CD)
(Preview Here – YouTube)
April 26 – The Talleys – Hymns Of The Faith (CD)
April 26 – The Kingdom Heirs – Something Good: Volume Two (CD)
April 26 – The Inspirations – Right Where He Is (CD)
May 10 – Steven Curtis Chapman – A Great Adventure: Live Performances Of Timeless Hits (DVD/CD)
(Preview Here – YouTube)
May 10 – Orla Fallon – Sweet By And By: Americana Songs Of Inspiration And Hope (CD)
May 10 – Craig Duncan – Colonial Hymns (CD)
May 10 – Masters Voice – Vintage (CD)
May 10 – The Old Paths – Hits! (CD)

May 17 – Carolina – American Morning (CD)
(Listen Here – YouTube)

May 17 – Chris Rice – Untitled Hymn: A Collection Of Hymns (CD)
May 17 – Adam Crabb – Clean (CD)
May 24 – Jimmy Fortune – God & Country (CD)
May 31 – Tim Menzies – His Name Is Jesus (CD)
May (available exclusively direct from Hampton. “As soon as the project is ready, it will be shipped out!”) – Wes Hampton – Hymns (CD)
June 7 – The Kingsmen – Victory Shout (CD)
(Preview Here – YouTube)
June 7 – Patsy Cline – Hits & Hymns (CD)
June 7 – Gloria Gaynor – Testimony (CD)
June 14 – Michael Booth – Dear Yesterday (CD)

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com. David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.


  1. Darrell

    Another depature: Aaron Dishman mentioned in a social media message a week ago that he is leaving Triumphant Quartet. Not as significant as a singer quiting, but still noteworthy. I wonder if he will be replaced. Time will tell

    • David Bruce Murray

      Thanks for the reminder. I did see that announcement earlier, but failed to remember it when I prepared this week’s article.

      I like seeing Triumphant with a pianist, so I do hope they’ll hire someone to replace him. The position isn’t really critical to their success, so they have the luxury of taking their time between pianists.

      • Darrell

        I’ve mentioned it before, but I do like the flexibility having a pianist gives to any group. And especially if they also sing on occasion. So yes, I’d like to see Triumphant replace Aaron

  2. JSR

    It appears Joseph Habedank pulled all his music from Spotify this week.

    • David Bruce Murray

      Spotify is the worst of the worst. I wish every other Christian artist would also pull their music from Spotify. They are a sleazy company, and not only because of their reluctance to pay decent royalty rates.

      • Johann Schellenberg

        I also found out that at least greater vision and Mark Trammell removed almost everything…
        What streaming service is a better solution after this events?

        • David Bruce Murray

          Apple Music/iTunes is willing to pay more to songwriters. Pandora, Google (YouTube), and Spotify are trying to pay less.

          If you decide to use any one of those three, I’d go with YouTube or Pandora over Spotify.

          Spotify has run advertisements that include the F-word between Christian songs on their free service even when explicit content was blocked.

          I have removed all of my music from Spotify for that reason.

          • Johann Schellenberg

            Pandora is here in Germany not available. I am currently testing “YouTube music” – but somehow I like the Spotify app better…
            Why wouldn’t you recommend Apple music?

          • David Bruce Murray

            I do recommend Apple.

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