Mark Trammell Quartet Announces a New Pianist

Mark Trammell Quartet Announces a New Pianist

Here’s the press release from Mark Trammell regarding the new pianist for his group.   Since Steve Hurst traveled with the group during 2006-2007, the group has not had a dedicated pianist.   This is great news!!

July 17, 2017
For Immediate Release

Gadsden, AL – After five years of looking for the right man to sit at the keyboards, 2017 Singing News Top Five Traditional Quartet nominee, The Mark Trammell Quartet announces today that nineteen year old Trevor Conkle from Arab, Alabama will be that man. Mark says, “We are thrilled that Trevor expressed interest in being an active part of our ministry. We believe this young man has a bright future in Gospel Music, and we are pleased that he wants to grow with us!”

For the last three years, Trevor has enjoyed traveling with the multi-award winning first family of gospel music, The Hoppers, from Madison, NC. Trevor states, “While I am truly grateful for this family and the daily investment they have made in me, my first love is convention style and quartet music. Upon hearing of The Mark Trammell Quartet genuinely looking for a keyboard man, I began to enquire and that enquiry led to my gaining this position. I couldn’t be more pleased, and look forward to traveling with this great quartet. The Hoppers have been wonderful to me and I will always cherish my time with them.”

Trevor will be boarding the MTQ bus on Thursday, July 20, 2017 to begin the next chapter in his musical life. When you see MTQ, be sure to welcome this young man to his new home.

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Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.

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  1. Reply July 17, 20:13 #1 JE Butler

    Super….. Just what MTQ needs. Cannot wait.

  2. Reply July 17, 21:34 #2 Darrell

    Didn’t Dustin Sweatman play piano on occasion for MTQ? But I guess you did say “dedicated” pianist. :-) I’ve always thought that a pianist gives a group a lot of flexibility in their programs. Even if a group does not have a full time pianist, it’s always nice to have someone, like Josh Singletary, for example who can sit down on the piano anytime.

    • Reply July 17, 21:39 Diana Brantley Author

      Yes, you’re right. A pianist that isn’t also a singer is what I meant.

      • Reply July 18, 15:09 Darrell

        Thanks for replying, Diana. I knew what you meant. :-) And thanks also for all the wonderful concert videos.

  3. Reply July 17, 23:06 #3 JSR

    Thinking about this hire got me running down a rabbit trail in my mind. Obviously, adding a member to the group will require raising the flat for the group or cutting into the profitability of the group. I’m guessing a 19 year old SG piano player doesn’t make big bucks, but it is something. Would love to get insight from someone who understands the financials of SG.

    • Reply July 18, 15:07 Darrell

      Then you have Soul’d Out Quartet, who this year added a 4 piece band (which is a GREAT move), but it doubled the number of men in the group. Have they been able to double their income since then or have the 4 singers needed to take a pay cut, for lack of a better term? I too would like to better understand the financial side of SG music. It’s quite intriguing.

    • Reply July 18, 17:52 David Bruce Murray

      I can’t speak to any particular group’s financial situation, but I’ve observed how Mark wisely started his group in a trio format. This allowed him to become established on firm financial footing before expanding to a quartet. Making this next logical move to add a piano player may not even be a purely financial decision, but from what I’ve observed of Mark’s business sense from a distance over the years, I’m sure it’s a move he feels they can handle.

      For sure, it will give their fans a better “product” (at risk of using a non-spiritual word) in a concert setting. A better product, in theory, should translate into a few more product sales and possibly allow their booking agent to make the case to concert promoters for a bump up in their flat.

      • Reply July 18, 20:21 JSR

        Thanks, David. I would agree that it appears Mr. Trammel has approached the business with wisdom.

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