The Rambos – “Cross Country Concert” (1965), “Dottie, Buck & Joe” (1965) & “Those Singing Rambos” (1965)

1965 was a busy year for the Rambos, as they released 3 albums with different personnel on each album. Check out James’ review of these albums as we continue our trek through the Rambos cataloge!

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The Hinsons – One More Hallelujah (1992)

1992 saw the Hinsons come back together for one final album. This week, James walks us through that one final “Hallelujah” album…

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Gov. Jimmie Davis and recent Dove Awards highlight this edition of NewsNuggets!

The Hinsons – Generations (1987)

Sadly, the Hinsons disbanded in 1988, and this 1987 release would be their final album until they reunited a few years later. Check out James’ review of this legendary album.

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The Hinsons – The Legacy Goes on (1986)

In 1986, the Hinsons released one of James’ personal favorite Hinson albums. Check out what he has to say about it…

Are You a Hypocrite?

The biggest reason people give for not attending church is that it is filled with hypocrites, but I wonder what they mean by that. Sure, there are people who live

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The Hinsons – It Runs in the Family (1985)

Check out James’ review of the Hinsons’ 1985 album, “It Runs in the Family”…