Best Of The 2010s: Songwriter, Record Producer, and Social Media Presence

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Superlatives

Songwriter Of The 2010s

Dianne Wilkinson/Joseph Habedank (TIE) Voting in the Songwriter category was very tight and produced several ties including a tie for the number one spot!

Dianne Wilkinson is one of our genres living legends who has written many of the top songs of the past 40 years and shows no signs of letting up. Joseph Habedank hasn’t been churning them out quite that long, but he’s come on strong in the past 15 years and seen considerable success writing for his own recordings as well as for other artists. If you look at any monthly airplay chart from the past ten years, chances are strong you’ll see these two names on multiple songs with one or the other or both appearing in the top ten.

Other songwriters receiving votes in order are:
3(tie) Kenna Turner West/3(tie) Sue C. Smith
5 Scott Inman
6 Lee Black
7 Joel Lindsey
8 Rodney Griffin
9 Jason Cox
10(tie) Mark Bishop/10(tie) Woody Wright
12(tie) Rachel McCutcheon/12(tie) Michael Boggs

Record Producer Of The 2010s

Lari Goss passed away in early 2015, but his work as a record producer during the first five years of the 2010s was still significant enough that MusicScrib’es staff writers voted him the best of the decade. Lari Goss was the John Williams of the gospel world, and we lost a rare treasure when he passed away.

Other producers receiving votes in order are:
2 Wayne Haun
3 Jeff Collins
4 Michael Sykes
5 Trey Ivey
6 Michael English
7 Gordon Mote
8 Cody McVey
9 Roger Talley
10 Ben Isaacs
11 Garry Jones
12 Danny Riley
13 Tim Surrett
14 Dottie Leonard Miller

Social Media Presence Of The 2010s

Ball Brothers – Social media interaction between artists and fans became more vital than ever during the past ten years. No group has embraced social media more effectively than the Ball Brothers whose song “It’s About The Cross” has been viewed on YouTube alone more than four million times! A series of “life on the road” videos was also successful and their marketing images always have a creative twist. The Ball Brothers are so effective with their social media marketing that other artists come to them for advice.

Their efforts in this area have not gone unnoticed by MusicScribe’s staff writers.

Other individuals and organizations receiving votes in order are:
2 Singing News editor Danny Jones
3 Dianne Wilkinson
4 Triumphant
5 Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
6 Collingsworth Family
7 National Quartet Convention
8 Legacy Five
9 Karen Peck Gooch
10 Ann Downing
11(tie) Kelly Nelon Clark/11(tie) Lauren Talley
13 The Sound
14 Mark Bishop

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