Best Of The 2010s: Phil Boles’ Picks for Song, Album, & Concept Video

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Superlatives

In the categories of Song, Album, and Concept Video, we had 20 or more nominations each! Because there are so many, we have opted not to narrow these down to a single pick. Instead, each MusicScribe writer will announce their picks in these categories.

Here are my picks (Phil Boles).

“Battle Cry” – The Kingsmen/ Lee Black, Joel Lindsey, Sue C Smith
I think every Christian can adopt this song as a personal anthem as we face an increasingly secular world. It really is a “battle cry” as we live and work day by day. Musically, the harmonies and passionate delivery from Randall Crawford on the verses make this one of my favourites.

Honorable Mentions
“Chain Breaker” – Triumphant Quartet
“Even Me” – Triumphant

Battle Cry – Kingsmen
Easily one of my most listened to albums and I often return to bask in the song variety, lyrical strength and power harmonies. Quartet singing at its finest! Chris Jenkins is a Kingsmen tenor through and through, some of his best work is featured on this project.

Honorable Mentions
Don’t Wanna Miss This – Cana’s Voice
Greatly Blessed – Gaither Vocal Band

“It’s About The Cross” – The Ball Brothers
At the time of writing, this song has amassed 48 Million views on facebook alone! The Ball Brothers have always been innovative and pioneering in an industry sometimes resistant to testing out new concepts. This viral video has went far beyond the traditional southern gospel audience and opened up incredible opportunities for the Gospel message.

Honorable Mentions
“Give Me Jesus” – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
“Ask Me Why” – Legacy Five

Before you go, check out Phil’s Concept Video pick below.

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Philip Boles

Philip Boles

Philip is the biggest Southern Gospel fan in Northern Ireland and possibly outside of the USA. He sings with a Northern Irish trio called, "Solid Ground" and blogs when spare time allows. You can follow Philip on Twitter.


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