Best Of The 2010s: Diana Brantley’s Picks for Song, Album, & Concept Video

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Superlatives

In the categories of Song, Album, and Concept Video, we had 20 or more nominations each! Because there are so many, we have opted not to narrow these down to a single pick. Instead, each MusicScribe writer will announce their picks in these categories.

Here are my picks (Diana Brantley).

“One Holy Lamb” – Tribute Quartet/Cindi Ballard
The Greenes also recorded this Phil Cross song in the 2010’s as well. It is such a masterful, powerful depiction of the very basis of our salvation.

Honorable Mentions
“Chain Breaker” – Triumphant Quartet
“Long Live the King” – The Old Paths

Fanny Crosby: Newly Discovered Hymns & Songs – Various Artists
This album is a treasure trove of previously unknown/unfinished lyrics by Fanny Crosby. What a great, unique idea to get various writers to finish and artists to record these songs that we would’ve totally missed out on. It’s just too bad the songs didn’t go to radio (that I know of) or really get as much attention as they deserve.

Honorable Mentions
Redeeming the Time – Kingdom Heirs
Living In Harmony – Triumphant Quartet

“She Still Remembers Jesus’ Name” – Booth Brothers
This is such a beautifully done video of an issue that impacts more and more people in today’s world. It shows how faith can be so strong that it isn’t forgotten even when so many other things and people are. I LOVE that they included Phil Cross in the video!

Honorable Mentions
“Everywhere I Go” – 3 Heath Brothers
“The People In The Line” – The Talleys

Tune in tomorrow for Phil Bole’s choices, but before you go, check out Diana’s Concept Video pick below.

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Diana Brantley

Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.


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