Best Of The 2010s: DBM’s Picks for Song, Album, & Concept Video

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Superlatives

In the categories of Song, Album, and Concept Video, we had 20 or more nominations each! Because there are so many, we have opted not to narrow these down to a single pick. Instead, each MusicScribe writer will announce their picks in these categories.

Here are my picks (David Bruce Murray).

“On The Banks Of The Promised Land” – Karen Peck and New River/Sue C. Smith, David E. Moffitt, and Jason Dyba
I ordered this song for my church choir to sing the moment I heard it as a choral arrangement. I was pleased to learn Karen Peck & New River were recording it some months later, and even more pleased when it was released to radio and became a number one song in December 2011.

Honorable Mention
“Living In Harmony” – Triumphant
“Christ, My Hope, My Glory” – High Road with Jason Crabb

Living In Harmony – Triumphant Quartet
Triumphant delivered a nearly flawless album with Living In Harmony. The title cut, “Amazing God,” “Living In The Promised Land,” and “I Belong To Jesus” are among my favorite Triumphant songs of all time, plus it also features their cover of my favorite Singing Americans song, “Black And White.”

Honorable Mentions
Fanny Crosby: Newly Discovered Hymns & Songs –
Various Artists
Greatly Blessed – Gaither Vocal Band

“Circuit Rider” – William Lee Golden and Russ Taff
The cinematic quality of this concept video is superb. The setting is 19th century with lyrics that paint a historical masterpiece. To further elevate this song’s concept, they paired two men whose physical appearance screams history before they sing the first note. “Circuit Rider” is everything a true concept video should be and should be the standard by which future concept videos are measured.

Honorable Mentions
“Goodbye World, Goodbye” – Penny Loafers
“Ask Me Why” – Legacy Five

Tune in tomorrow for Daniel Mount’s choices, but before you go, check out DBM’s Concept Video pick below.

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and

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  1. Aaron Swain

    I’ll never forget one year at the “media/promoter showcase” in one of the upper side rooms at Freedom Hall when “On The Banks of the Promised Land” had just come out. Karen had a BAD case of laryngitis or something similar and could hardly talk. Didn’t stop her from absolutely nailing that song and sending chills throughout that room.


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