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Another year has passed since I performed this analysis.  Although I don’t think I went to as many concerts or posted as many new vidoes as last year, it’s interesting to see what people chose to watch.

This first group is for the total number of views since the videos were posted.

RankArtistSong/LinkTotal ViewsDate PostedRank Last Year
1HoppersI’ve Come Too Far to Look Back282,598June, 20101
2Gold City (Reunion)Glory Road273,036June, 20143
3Booth Brothers and Collingsworth FamilyJesus Saves271,760Dec, 20142
4GreenesThere’s A Miracle In Me195,881Sept, 20094
5Erin Bates and Kim CollingsworthWhen We All Get To Heaven167,052Jan, 20155
6Redeemed QuartetMeet Me At The Table158,396May, 2016not on list
7Jeff Stice & Kim CollingsworthPrecious Lord, Take My Hand136,868Sept, 20126
8Gordon MoteNQC 2013 Pianorama122,881Dec, 2013not on list
9Kim CollingsworthGreat Is Thy Faithfulness120,981Sept, 2009not on list
10Booth Brothers Tears Are a Language118,788Jan, 20097

The next group shows which videos got the most views during the last year, all of which were existing before this 12-month period started. Kim Collingsworth and her family dominated this chart as well, and you can see how Redeemed Quartet’s fans got busy!

RankArtistSong/LinkTotal ViewsRank Last Year
1Redeemed QuartetMeet Me At The Table125,12810
2Gold City (Reunion)Glory Road84,1601
3Booth Brothers and Collingsworth FamilyJesus Saves46,5212
4Erin Bates and Kim CollingsworthWhen We All Get To Heaven38,3154
5Gordon MoteNQC 2013 Pianorama32,7617
6HoppersI’ve Come Too Far to Look Back28,0943
7Jeff Stice & Kim CollingsworthPrecious Lord, Take My Hand27,518not on list
8Kim CollingsworthGreat Is Thy Faithfulness27,228not on list
9VariousPianos at Sea23,312not on list
10Triumphant QuartetAmazing God21,4706

And now, here are my personal favorite video moments of the year – in alphabetical order!!

Avenue TrioSinging in the Heavenly Choir
Ball BrothersOld Church Choir
Cana’s VoiceAll My Reasons Are You
Dixie EchoesSweet Desert Rose
GuardiansHow Big Is God Medley
KingsmenStand Up
Sacred CallingYou Never Cease to Amaze Me
SheltonsWalk With Me
The SoundGod’s Bigger Than That
Triumphant QuartetGoing There

I truly appreciate all of the people that follow my concert review posts here on MusicScribe and watch the videos I am so pleased to be able to share on YouTube. Today, July 17, my channel has reached another big milestone that is hard for me to believe – 18,000,000 views! Thanks so very much for your support!!

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Diana Brantley

Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.


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