Memphis Quartet Show 2019 – Saturday Events

by | Jun 16, 2019 | Concert Review, Major Concert Events

Final edits have been made!!

Note: I will be posting a single video highlight for each program again this year and will then update each post with more videos from home next week!

The Perfect Heart Reunion was just fabulous! I had not heard them when they were traveling, so I was very interested to hear their program. While I had not heard Perfect Heart before, I sure have heard other groups perform many of their songs.

Here is the one song I’ve chosen as the video highlight, “Somebody Touched the Lord.” I will definitely be loading many more videos and will provide an update with those links, or even a playlist, later.

Instead of posting individual links for the Perfect Heart program, here is a playlist with all of my footage!

The video highlight from the evening was extremely difficult to pick because there were so many excellent songs. I have decided to go with an a capella hymn from The Blackwood Brothers Quartet – In Christ Alone:

The groups from the Saturday evening performance were given slightly longer sets so that there would be no intermission and the concert could end a little sooner. This year’s event was wonderful but it was good to get out a little earlier without sacrificing any music!! These were the artists that performed on the final 2019 program:

The Blackwood Brothers always do a great job and they are here for the entire event since they are one of the hosts. Their set was terrific with several of their a capella hymns and another guest appearance by Michael Helwig, who gets a huge response from the audience. Besides the highlight at the top of this post, here are a few more videos:

The Old Paths were next and gave a really spirited performance. With multiple albums now released, they had plenty of new material to sing. And Douglas Roark was extremely peppy since his heart surgery a couple of months ago! Here are videos of some of their performance:

The Inspirations had a pretty full stage with a 3-piece band this year, with new member Wyatt Austin and guest guitarist Mike Robertson. I loved how they did their introductions with each member introducing the next one so that all of the members got to talk a little bit about themselves and the one they were introducing. Here are several videos from their set:

Last but not least was Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. Of course, they were the peppiest on the program!! They’ve released a new CD, Clear Skies, and performed several from it. They have also picked up two band members – Josh Evans and Elijah Black – in addition to Tyler Vestal who has been with the band for about 4 years, I think. Here are a couple of videos:

You’ll Find Him There
Oh, What A Savior and reprise of Heaven Is

Here is a playlist of all of the videos I’ve posted from Memphis Quartet Show 2019!

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