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By the end of 2019, the Inspirations will have completed their 55th year and started on a 56th. Right Where He Is features the vocals of original tenor Archie Watkins, lead Roland Kesterson, baritone Eddie Dietz, and bass Marlin Shubert. Luke Vaught (who plays piano when the group is on the road) adds some acoustic guitar work and sings the lead vocal on “Obey The Spirit Of The Lord.” The sixth face on the CD cover is Wyatt Austin. He isn’t on the recording, but he plays bass guitar for the Inspirations on the road (and can sing bass as well, if called upon).

Pros: The best tracks are those that feature Kesterson. These include “He’s Coming Again,” “There’ll Never Be A Giant” (which was also written by Kesterson), the second verse of “She Gets Another Prayer Through Again,” and “Wouldn’t Change The End.” Another highlight is studio musician David Johnson’s steel guitar work on “That’s Right Where He’ll Be,” which gives that track a unique flair. Inspirations fans should enjoy the song selection.

Cons: Decades of singing has taken a toll on the three elder singers. Of course, the faithful fans of the Inspirations won’t mind.

Producer: Jeff Collins
Song Titles: He’s Coming Again; There’ll Never Be A Giant; Lord, I Want To Be A Blessing; Wouldn’t Change The End; She Gets Another Prayer Through Again; His Hand Reached Further Down; Obey The Spirit Of The Lord; That’s Right Where He’ll Be; The End Of Time Is Near; Judas Kissed The Door
Release Date: April 26, 2019
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars (scale of 1-5 stars)
Version Reviewed: CD

Listen to the entire album on YouTube Music

Deeper Oceans is a 10-song collection by Joseph Habedank, who, over the past couple of years has established himself as one of our industry’s top solo acts.

Pros: Several tracks on Deeper Oceans match the energy of “Jailbreak” from Habedank’s 2017 release Resurrection. “Something Different” (Joseph Habedank, Wayne Haun & Jimmy Yeary) is my favorite, recounting the life of Christ with a building intensity. These fun moments are contrasted by introspective songs of which “Shame On Me” (Michael Boggs, Jason Cox & Joseph Habedank) is the top gem. “This Grace” and “One More Reason” are also excellent.

Cons: “Deeper Oceans” (the song) would be more effective if the simplicity of the opening chords had been carried throughout the entire arrangement. Also, I heard a bit of transient distortion in the mix on a piano at one point. Hopefully, it was just a burp on the worldwide web stream that isn’t present in the actual CD or digital download mixes.

Producer: Wayne Haun
Song Titles: Sometimes It’s The Radio; None of That Here; Shame on Me; This Grace; Gone; Deeper Oceans; Goliath; Everything Bows; Something Different; One More Reason
Release Date: April 26, 2019
Rating: 4 1/2 Stars (scale of 1-5 stars)
Version Reviewed: Digital stream provided by Daywind Records

With “Grab Your Umbrella” recently peaking and “Death Was Arrested” currently climbing the radio airplay charts, the Talleys are still getting good mileage out of 2018’s Finest Hour. It’s a perfect time to release a hymns compilation. Hymns Of The Faith collects 12 tracks that appeared on previous Talleys recordings including several from 2004’s Praise For The Ages.

Pros: Although all of these tracks are set at slow tempos, the pacing is kept interesting by alternating classy orchestrated tracks with a cappella arrangements.

Cons: Heavily stacked harmonies can be a distraction.

Song Titles: Jesus What A Friend For Sinners; Shout To The Lord/How Great Thou Art; Oh Glorious Love; I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say; I Will Sing Of My Redeemer; Great Is Thy Faithfulness; Pass Me Not; I Love To Tell The Story/Blessed Assurance; When Jesus Breaks The Morning; Oh How I Love Jesus/I Love That Name; Be Still My Soul; Amazing Grace
Release Date: April 26, 2019
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars (scale of 1-5 stars)
Version Reviewed: YouTube Music

Listen to the entire album on YouTube Music

The Kingdom Heirs occasionally release a collection of songs that were popularized by other groups. Something Good – Volume Two, like it’s predecessor Something Good, is one of those recordings.

Pros: You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear “That’s How I Know” (originally recorded by Tribute Quartet in 2016). Fans should also appreciate hearing the other nine hits from the past as only the Kingdom Heirs can deliver them.

Cons: “Something To Shout About” is the same track used on 2004’s Forever Changed (with updated vocals).

Neither Pro Nor Con: This is just an interesting fact. All three members of the Kingdom Heirs Band (Kreis French, Dennis Murphy, and Andy Stringfield) play on this recording.

Producers: Arthur Rice & Kreis French
Song Titles: What A Beautiful Day; It’s Gonna Be A Good Day; That’s How I Know; The Lovely Name Of Jesus; The Love Of God; Something To Shout About; Run On; Thus Saith The Lord; When We Sing Around The Throne Eternal; Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
Release Date: April 26, 2019
Rating: 4 Stars (scale of 1-5 stars)
Version Reviewed: YouTube Music

Listen to the entire album on YouTube Music

Also released during April

April 12 – Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends – Because He Lives: 12 Easter Favorites (No rating listed, because no review copy was provided and/or this album was not released on YouTube Music.)

April 12 – Susan Holloway – ‘Tis So Sweet (No rating listed, because this appears to be a re-issue of a 2016 release.)

April 12 – David Phelps – Hymnal (No rating listed, because no review copy was provided, and only audio was released on YouTube Music.)

April 19 – Mallory Hope – Out Of My Hands (No rating listed, because no review copy was provided and/or this album was not released on YouTube Music.)

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  1. Steven

    One thing I noticed about the inspirations album was the inclusion of drums. I think it really added a freshness and energy to their sound and to the album overall.

    Growing up listening to them, I don’t remember drums being a part of their music very often.


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