Memphis Quartet Show 2018 – Friday Concert

by | Jun 16, 2018 | Concert Review, Major Concert Events

Like last night, Friday’s concert also had five artists and it was wonderful. The theater provides such better conditions for the audience and the artists, and it is really paying off with great performances and enthusiastic audiences.

The five artists on the program included Gerald Williams and the Classic Melody Boys, Mark Trammell Quartet, Primitive Quartet, Guardians, and Dixie Echoes. The program started with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner and then the first quartet, which was the first time this week that the concert didn’t start with everyone on the stage. They did have everyone on stage for the 2nd portion of the program, but each group performed separately until the very end when everyone joined the Dixie Echoes on the last chorus or so of I’ll Have a New Life, including a cardboard Elvis!

I actually got two videos to load overnight despite the slow wi-fi, so here are the ones I have chosen as the highlights for now.  I’ll post more videos later, so please check back for them and for more commentary.

The Guardians made their first appearance at the Memphis Quartet Show, now that they are officially a quartet! The group includes Dean Hickman, Neil Uhrig, John Darin Rowsey, and Pat Barker. Pat has been joining the Guardians on selected dates for several years and I’m glad they have finally added him as a permanent member.


My second highlight is from Mark Trammell Trio, who appeared on two nights this year.


Now, for the rest of the story!   I appreciate my readers allowing me the extra time to get the reviews and videos from Memphis completed!

The Classic Melody Boys don’t have too many concerts (they are retired, after all!) but they have appeared at the last three Memphis Quartet Shows and are a crowd favorite.  The members are Mike Franklin, Jonathan Sawrie, Doug Kramer, and Gerald Williams.  Here are a few of their songs:

Mark Trammell Quartet is always outstanding.  It was a little more exciting on Thursday with the Hall of Fame announcement, but the quartet brought another great performance on Friday.  Here’s one more song from their set besides the one featured above:

The Primitive Quartet has become one of the groups I most look forward to seeing at Memphis!   Though I’m not a great fan of the “mountain” sound of the voices, I think their songs are great and I love the way they play those instruments!  The members are Reagan Riddle, Randy Fox, Jeff Tolbert, Michael Riddle, and Larry Riddle.

The Guardians – I had seen the Guardians several times with Pat already and I’m glad they’ve added him permanently!  Here is another of their songs:

The Dixie Echoes always present traditional quartet singing using only the keyboard an bass guitar for their accompaniment.    But for my featured video for this group, I give you an instrumental featuring just guitars played by the Shelnuts.

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Diana Brantley

Diana Brantley

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