Love One Another

When I was in my early 20s, there was a young lady that was attending the local college who told me that I should go to college because it teaches

#NewsNuggets: 4-27-18

Remembering Mary Ann Gaither Addison, new releases, and more!

Remind Me of the Cross

This morning, I listened to the Gatlin Brothers’┬áCome Home CD. I was surprised how many of the songs centered around the Cross, but it was exactly what I needed to

Buy, Stream, Or Pass: LeFevre Quartet – Ascending

Is it an “EP,” or full-length? You decide after reading DBM & Kyle’s review!

#NewsNuggets: 4-20-18

Were you wondering why the Martins jumped from a perfectly good airplane?

#NewsNuggets: 4-13-18

Awards, a high profile reunion, and a video!

Concert Review: The Perrys (Douglasville, GA)

Liberty Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia really loves the Perrys! I went to one of that church’s morning services recently to see the Perrys in concert for the first time

Audio Review: The Hoppers Honor The First Families Of Gospel Music

Read DBM’s thoughts on this unique tribute recording by the Hoppers!

#NewsNuggets: 4-6-18

New exhibits at the SGMA museum and more!