Concert Review:  Master’s Voice and Justified (Thorsby, AL)

Concert Review: Master’s Voice and Justified (Thorsby, AL)

I was recently able to see a quartet that I have been waiting to see for quite a while.   Master’s Voice is based in Oklahoma and I’m based in Georgia, so when this group finally came to the great state of Alabama, I went a bit outside of my “normal” range to see them at the Bible Believers Baptist Church in Thorsby, Alabama.  Thorsby is a small community about 30 miles south of Birmingham.  Master’s Voice was part of a homecoming celebration for the church.  John Pullen is the pastor and the church has a trio named Justified that includes the pastor’s wife Lynn and their daughter and son-in-law Joel Galloway.   If the name Pullen sounds familiar, it should!  Chip Pullen – former Gold City lead singer – is John and Lynn’s son.

To start off the musical portion of the service, the daughter of Ashley and Joel sang “He Won’t Fail You” (from the Taylor’s Hope & Healing album) with her mom and grandmother.  It was pretty obvious that there is another generation coming along to keep the singing going!  Then Justified sang several more songs – without Hallie!  I enjoy hearing new groups and am so glad I had the opportunity to hear Justified.


Master’s Voice includes tenor/owner Ricky Capps, lead T. J. Evans, baritone Stan Watson, bass Jerry Pilgrim, and pianist/guitarist Theron Perry.  They have been a quartet for a couple of years now with the addition of the bass, and they sound terrific.   The trio was very good, but adding Jerry Pilgrim to make the group back into a quartet was such a good move!  Their program was composed of a good mix of upbeat and slower, more contemplative songs, including several verses of “Just As I Am” with only guitar accompaniment.   It’s really a shame that the eastern part of the country gets to hear this wonderful group so rarely.  I understand that they may be venturing our way again later this year, so if you enjoy the videos below and live near Georgia, be sure to be watching their schedule.  This was a return visit to this church for the group and they were very well received by the congregation and the pastor, whom you will hear in some of the videos!  Below are some of my favorites to give you a flavor of the service.   The songs marked with asterisks are from their latest CD, Walk Worthy.


Here’s an additional little factoid about Master’s Voice:  Their sound technician is Chuck Howe, whom many may know from his time most recently with Gold City.   Master’s Voice even includes him in the Bio section of their website and on their CD liner notes.  He sure did a great job with the sound at the church in Thorsby!

Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.

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