Concert Review:   LeFevre Quartet, Sounds of Jericho, and Karen Peck & New River (x2)  (Flowery Branch and Woodstock, GA)

Concert Review: LeFevre Quartet, Sounds of Jericho, and Karen Peck & New River (x2) (Flowery Branch and Woodstock, GA)

I’ve had two opportunities to see Karen Peck in the last few months, so I’m going to review both concerts in this post.

I attended my second Awakening concert just before the beginning of the year at the Blacksheer Place Baptist Church in Flowery Branch, Georgia. This is an annual event for friends Mike LeFevre and Karen Peck and their groups. It included Sounds of Jericho with original LeFevre Quartet members Stephen Sigmon and Stacy Bragg. The concert also had an excellent message of challenge and encouragement from a local pastor.

Sounds of Jericho – I’ve heard this group several times now and they are such a good, solid, traditional gospel quartet sound. Their members include Stephen and Stacy as well as lead Matt Tyler and baritone Ken Thomas. Their latest album is from Song Garden and is called Beggin’ For Change. I’ve noted the videos from that album with asterisks below.

LeFevre Quartet – The members of this group include tenor Jeremy Peace, lead Jordan LeFevre, baritone Mike LeFevre, bass Keith Plott, and pianist Michael Lott. At this concert, VIP ticket holders got a meet and greet session before the concert and Mike had arranged for some really awesome food. I’m thinking I’d like more of these events!! Here are just a couple of video highlights from the concert. (I’ve posted many more LeFevre videos on YouTube since I get to see this a little more often than some other and I don’t like to post duplicates.)

Now for Karen Peck & New River

Flowery Branch concert: I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the last appearance of Ricky Braddy’s that I would see since he left to assume a worship leader position with a church at the beginning of the year. Karen, Susan Peck Jackson, and Kari and Matthew Gooch are carrying on until a replacement is named. Here are some highlights:

Woodstock concert: I was going to be really glad to see Lee Black at this concert because I had seen on various social media sites that he had filled in at the tenor position, but Wesley Pritchard was filling in for this concert. Wow! He was such a perfect fit for the group even though he’s not even remotely a candidate since he pastors a church in North Carolina. This was the second concert promoted by Dove Concerts in conjunction with First Baptist Church. They are still building up the attendance for their concert series, so the crowd was not as big as it should have been. It was a fabulous concert though – very personal and touching all evening including prayer at the altar by most of the concert attendees at the end. One of the songs they performed was “Mighty High” from the Joyful Noise movie that Karen had a role in several years ago. I saw the movie and it was fun to hear that song again! I was so busy doing the motions, that I didn’t get a good video of that song to post!! Here are a few of the other highlights:



Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.

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