Must Buy Or Not: Poet Voices – Extraordinary

by David Bruce Murray | January 27, 2018 2:00 PM

Poet Voices recently returned to a quartet format with the addition of bass singer Brandon Barry. Their self-produced CD Extraordinary includes a mixture of new songs as well as a few the group has recorded over the past 15 years or so as a trio. They’ve also re-cut “Pourin’ Rain,” which was originally recorded by Mitchell Jon.

Must Buy Or Not reviews ask at least two of MusicScribe’s writers to decide if a particular CD is one they’d really want to purchase. Does Extraordinary qualify as a Must Buy? David Bruce Murray and Kyle Boreing are about to find out. Read on for their overall star ratings, highlights, dislikes, and final decisions on whether Extraordinary qualifies as a Must Buy!

Producers: Phil Cross and Donny Henderson
Song Titles: Extraordinary; Come On Children; 100 Years From Now; Hold On A Little Longer; We Say Yes; Victory Belongs To Jesus; Steppin’ Stones; You Cheer Me On; Love Is Alive Forever; Dear God; Pourin’ Rain; Trust In You
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars (David); 3 Stars (Kyle)


David Bruce Murray: 

Kyle Boreing:


David Bruce Murray:

Kyle Boreing:

Must Buy

David Bruce Murray: No. I’d buy “Extraordinary,” “Hold On A Little Longer” and “Victory Belongs To Jesus” for sure as singles, but I can’t see myself listening to the entire CD often enough to justify buying the whole thing.

Kyle Boreing: No. Like DBM, I’d purchase a few songs ala carte, but there’s not enough solid material here for me to recommend purchasing it. I am going to add an addendum, however, that I would add most of the album to my gospel music streaming playlist.

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