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Gospel Happenings

  • The Singing News Fan Awards were presented on Wednesday afternoon at the National Quartet Convention. Winners include the Booth Brothers (Favorite Artist, Favorite Album), Triumphant Quartet (Favorite Traditional Quartet, Favorite Song “Living In The Promised Land”).
  • A couple of Fan Awards categories that had been won for several years by the same person finally changed hands. Joseph Habedank is the new Favorite Male Soloist ending Ivan Parker’s streak at 11 years. Chris Allman is the new Favorite Tenor. Michael Booth had won the tenor category for the past 8 years. For a complete list of winners, click HERE.


  • Former record exec and industry mover/shaker Dave Wilcox passed away this week. Please remember his colleagues and family in your prayers.

Releasing Today

  • September 29 – Tim Lovelace – Living In A Coffee World (DVD/CD)

  • September 29 – A Question Of Faith (film featuring Jaci Velasquez and Amber Nelon Thompson)

  • September 29 – Kingdom Heirs – The Last Big Thing (CD)

  • September 29 – Jay Stone Singers – Come Thirsty (CD)

  • September 29 – Brian Free & Assurance – Beyond Amazed (CD)

Upcoming Releases
Please let us know if any significant upcoming releases are missing from this list. Note, the dates listed here are distribution dates when music will officially be available through retail and/or large online outlets. Some titles may be available sooner direct from the artists.

  • October 6 – Bradley Walker – Blessed: Hymns And Songs Of Faith (CD/DVD)

  • October 13 – Gaither Vocal Band – We Have This Moment (CD)

  • October 13 – Jonathan Wilburn – Tell Me The Story (CD)
  • October 20 – Alan Jackson – Let It Be Christmas (CD)

  • October 20 – Various Artists – Bill Gaither’s Best Of Homecoming 2018 (CD)

  • October 20 – Jeff & Sheri Easter – Sing It Again: A Collection Of Favorites (CD)

  • October 20 – The Perrys – A Very Perry Christmas (CD)

  • October 20 – Doug Anderson – Back Porch Christmas (CD)

  • October 20 – Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends – Hymns In The Heartland (double CD)

  • October 20 – Charlie McCoy – Classic Country Christmas: Instrumental Holiday Standards Featuring Harmonica (CD)

  • October 20 – Tribute Quartet – Quartet Tribute (CD)
  • October 27 – Various – Daywind 30 (CD)
  • October 27 – The Piano Guys – Christmas Together (CD)

  • November 3 – Zach Williams – Chain Breaker: Deluxe Edition (CD)

  • November 3 – Various Artists – Hope: Songs Of Encouragement & Inspiration (CD) (features Doug Anderson, TaRanda Greene, Janet Paschal, Jody McBrayer, The Browns, Lillie Knauls, The Taylors, Beyond The Ashes, and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)

  • November 10 – 11th Hour – Silence The Stones (CD)

  • December 1 – Chonda Pierce – Enough (DVD)

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both SGHistory.com and MusicScribe.com. David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.


  1. Darrell

    Congrats to Mr. Habedank and Mr. Allman. As for the rest of the major winners, they could have been predicted a year ago. And they can now be predicted for next year. Of course year after year winners are nothing new in the Fan Awards. For example, Roger would still be winning the musician of the year award had he not graduated to Glory. On a side note I think it would be very enlightening to see the breakdown of number of votes per nominee. Are these perpetual winners winning by a large margin of votes? Is the runner-up the same every year? Etc…..

    • David Bruce Murray

      Well, last year, Ivan and Michael would have been predicted to continue their streak. Sooner or later, they all do change. There will come a year when Griffin doesn’t win Songwriter and Kim doesn’t win Soprano.

      Bennett might still be winning, but keep in mind that he wasn’t the immediate heir to Anthony Burger. Argument could be made that if Burger were still living, he’d have continued to win from 1980 to the present.

      I was sorry to see Singing News not continue the trend of naming an award after a person once they’d won for ten years in a row. For the ten years after he won it for the tenth time, Anthony presented the “Anthony Burger Award” for Favorite Musician. After ten years, Anthony was eligible to win it again, but Roger had a strong streak going by that point.

      However, Griffin is allowed to win 19 times in a row and Hopper wins 21 times in a row. I’d rather have seen them presenting as Burger did after his ten years were enough.

      I would like to see the vote totals as well, or at the very least, percentages within each category.

  2. Darrell

    Oops. I tried to “like” your reply and accidentally disliked it. Silly smartphone touchscreen. But I agree with everything you said. It is sad that the higher-ups at the SN don’t have a problem with someone winning the same award for two decades in a row. Talk about taking out all the suspense out of the awards ceremony.

  3. Michael Booth

    Hey Y’all

    Little inside information here. Ronnie began asking Danny Jones to remove us from the running of Fan Awards a few years ago. After, 4 to 5 wins, one can feel the displeasure of people and although it was an honor, it came with knowing many where “sick” of you winning. The response we always received front Danny was that, it is THE FANS who vote. He said to change or alter what THE FANS want is to be disingenuous to the spirit of the awards.

    Whether one agrees or disagrees with Danny, we have to step back and respect that standard of integrity. Think about it, The Singing News would have made much more money by selling many more Thank You Adds had more artist won different awards.

    We encourage those who voted for us to spread that love around and in doing so, the Singing News Fan Awards will enjoy a fresh new list of winners.

    Last point is to realize no matter who wins or does not, EVERYONE will get back on the bus the next week to do what we do!

    Here’s to a new batch of winners!!

    Michael Booth
    Booth Brothers

    PS, I personally hope Rodney reaches 20!!!

    • David Bruce Murray

      Yes, whoever the voters like is who they like, and they are slow to change opinions.

      I just feel it is a bit unfair to the legacy of Anthony Burger in retrospect. It set a precedent when he was retired from the category for a ten year period after winning for ten years. That practice either should have continued for all other winners who reached ten consecutive wins, or it never should have been done for/to Anthony Burger (“for/to” depending on your opinion as to how much of an honor it really turned out to be).

  4. Michael Booth

    You make a very valid point David. Hopefully next year will be a bit more interesting!



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