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Legacy Five 

During the first couple of years of the Memphis Quartet Show, Legacy Five didn’t participate because it was during the week of their family vacations, which we all know are very important for these guys since they miss their families so much during the year and they are planned far in advance.  Then they adjusted their schedules and have been able to be at the event for a couple of years – this year as the featured artist for the Saturday matinee.  

They brought their A game and a new pianist!  Josh Townsend has joined them at the keys, although their formal announcement hasn’t gone out yet.  They’re calling him JT since they already have another Josh – Josh Feemster.  So now they have two men named Josh and two named Scott with Scott Fowler and Scott Howard (Howey).  (I wonder if Matt Fouch feels left out since he doesn’t have a name shared by another member!)  

Scott Fowler spent some time talking about our country, from his comments about standing for the national anthem to several readings of comments from his Patriot’s Bible from some founding fathers.  One thing I especially liked was this:  “The Republican elephant is going to let us down, the Democratic donkey is going to let us down, so we be had better just put our trust in the Heavenly Lamb because He is never going to let us down.”  

They sang a great variety of their past repertoire and new songs from their latest CD, “In The Hands of a Carpenter.”   Here are a few videos:  


Evening Performances:

The Harvesters – The Harvesters appeared at the first National Quartet Convention in Memphis and their group is represented again at this 5th Memphis Quartet Show. Their members are tenor Tommy Young, lead Danny Parker, baritone Allen Hunter, and bass Mark Hoggard. GW Southard played the piano for them for this performance. Here’s a song that was written by Mark – Keep Going On


Soul’d Out Quartet – This group’s members are tenor Dusty Barrett, new lead Jason McAtee, baritone Matt Rankin, and bass Ian Owens, who was determined to be here even though he had some surgery last week and isn’t quite up to full steam yet. This is the first time that Soul’d Out appeared with a full band – Philip Kolb on piano, Austin Sprouse on lead guitar, Adam Sprouse on bass guitar and Zach Loyd on drums. Here’s one of their selections – This Old House.


The Dixie Melody Boys – This group has welcomed two new members since I have seen them and their new tenor, Jerry Skaggs, was named just prior to the Memphis Quartet Show. Lead is Josh Garner, baritone is Willie Sawrey, and of course Ed O’Neal is the bass. This is now a “mature group” with Josh as the youngest member! I really enjoyed their sound and here are two videos showing the newest members:


The Old Paths – With new tenor Steve Ladd and previous members Tim Rackley, Doug Roark and Daniel Ashmore, The Old Paths returned after being off the road for about a year and a half.  And what a return it was!   Here are three of the songs they performed from their new album, “Long Run:”


The Anchormen – These members are tenor Chris Jenkins, lead Phillip Hughes, baritone Terry Carter, and bass Will Lane. I’ve been able to see this group several times lately and this lineup is have heard and already posted videos of many of the songs from their latest album that they sang at MQS, so here’s a classic song instead from Chris – Oh, What a Savior.


Triumphant Quartet – These group members have been there from the beginning of the group in 2003 – tenor David Sutton, lead Clayton Inman, baritone Scotty Inman, and bass Eric Bennett.  Their pianist is Aaron Dishman, former Dixie Melody Boys baritone, so maybe we’ll get to hear him sing with them sometime!  These guys continue to show why they have won the Singing News Favorite Quartet fan award for the past nine years! I loved hearing several songs from their newest album, “Thankful.” Here are a couple of the new songs:


It was another tough decision today but the Saturday “Knocked My Socks Off” award goes to The Old Paths for the excitement they brought to the entire audience, their great new songs, and for having brought Steve Ladd back to a quartet!

Diana Brantley

Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.


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