Concert Review: Anchormen Quartet, North Georgia Sing (Calhoun and Hiawassee, GA)

by Diana Brantley | May 23, 2017 4:33 PM

I’m going to combine the review for these two events since they had a common denominator – The Anchormen Quartet!

In April, the Anchormen[1] appeared at the Heritage Baptist Church in Calhoun.  Unfortunately, to get there they had to battle some very troublesome Atlanta traffic.  When they arrived at the church, they decided to use the church’s sound system and sound tech so they could set up more quickly.  That worked out really well and attendees were treated to some great singing including several songs from their latest album, Strength Renewed.  I’m really enjoying this current lineup of Chris Jenkins (tenor), Phillip Hughes (lead), Terry Carter (Baritone), and Will Lane (bass).   Here are the video highlights I chose from this concert:

Come To the Fountain[2]

I Heard About a Man[3]

Wherever I Am[4]

I’ve Been Touched[5]


The 2nd Annual North Georgia Sing at McConnell Memorial Baptist Church in Hiawassee was held on May 6, 2017  to benefit the North Georgia School of Gospel Music[6], a 2-week school held each summer in Cleveland, Georgia.   The Mylon Hayes children have attended this school, which is directed by Stephen Butler from Winder Georgia and who also teaches at the Steve Hurst and the West Jacksonville Schools of Music.  Jack Clark, who appeared on the program, is also on the faculty of the school.

Here are the performers:

Jordan’s Bridge[7].   This group based in Bristol, Tennessee includes Phil Barker (tenor), Alan Kendall (lead), and Rick Sheet (baritone).  They have a solid, traditional sound are were a joy to listen to.  Highlights for me were What a Lovely Name[8] and  He’s My Comfort[9].

The Anchormen[10].  They were bringing their A game again at this concert as well.   Highlights were The Hand of the Lord[11] and I’m Ready[12].

The 4 Hoarsemen.   This was the second year they appeared after their debut last year!   This is a group of friends who get together occasionally to sing – Mike Young (tenor – formally with Southern Sound, The Rebels), Alan Kendall (lead – formerly with Melody Boys and The Rebels), Chris Adams (baritone – Minister of Music at McConnell and a board member of the North Georgia School of Gospel Music), and Justin Terry (bass – soloist and formerly of Cross4Crowns and The Rebels).   They sang He Touched Me (repeated from last year[13]) and  Little Is Much When God Is In It, of which I didn’t get a good video.

Jack Clark.  As mentioned above, Jack is on the faculty of the music school and he also appeared at this benefit for the second time.  He played It Keeps Getting Better and Better[14].

Roni Goss.   Roni was also at the benefit last year.  He shared some memories with us and a few others joined him on a couple of songs, but I also messed those videos up.  Roni is the brother of Lari Goss.

Justin Terry[15].   Justin was also at last year’s event.  In addition to singing with the Hoarsemen, Justin sang two songs for us as a soloist – Three Wooden Crosses[16] and In the Garden[17].

The New Dove Brothers[18].  The group now consists of McCray Dove (lead, piano), Wesley Smith (tenor, guitar), and Tony Peace (baritone, bass guitar).   I have missed seeing McCray’s group and thoroughly enjoyed their set.  They didn’t use tracks at all and were so involved with the audience, having them sing along several times!   The videos I chose to share are I’ll Be Ready to Go With Him[19] and Antioch Church Choir[20].

Another group was booked for this concert but was unable to come due to a very serious illness of one of their members.  I hope that The Band of Kelleys[21] member will be well and that they will be able to appear on the 3rd annual benefit!

Like this:

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  2. Come To the Fountain:
  3. I Heard About a Man:
  4. Wherever I Am:
  5. I’ve Been Touched:
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