Commentary & Observations

A Plea to David Cloud

A response to “contemporary Southern Gospel.”

Which part are you really singing?

When they say “sing like a woman,” what does that really mean?

Commentary: Should Trax Be Updated?

When a live band isn’t an option, should tracks be updated to avoid becoming dated?

Smelling The Color 9

You can blame this commentary on DBM’s master’s degree in Music Theory.

DOJ Makes Terrible Decision For Songwriters

While you were enjoying your extended holiday weekend, the news of a June 30th US Department Of Justice decision ¬†that Nashville Songwriter’s Association International Executive Director¬†Bart Herbison described as “Armageddon

Music & Lyrics, Part One

What makes a great song? Is it the lyrics? Is it the music? Does one play a larger role than the other? Can one override the other (for better or worse)?