Commentary & Observations

Commentary: Should Trax Be Updated?

When a live band isn’t an option, should tracks be updated to avoid becoming dated?

Smelling The Color 9

You can blame this commentary on DBM’s master’s degree in Music Theory.

DOJ Makes Terrible Decision For Songwriters

While you were enjoying your extended holiday weekend, the news of a June 30th US Department Of Justice decision  that Nashville Songwriter’s Association International Executive Director Bart Herbison described as “Armageddon

Music & Lyrics, Part One

What makes a great song? Is it the lyrics? Is it the music? Does one play a larger role than the other? Can one override the other (for better or worse)?

Is It Legal To Post Concert Videos Online?

We can’t give you a legal answer, but we CAN give you an educated answer.

If the Teacher Has Fallen, Are the Lessons Useless?

Two years ago, an article was posted on Christianity Today that asked the question, “Should Christians Stop Studying The Teachings of Fallen Pastors?”. Six responses were given, ranging from “yes, but…”