Commentary & Observations

Music & Lyrics, Part One

What makes a great song? Is it the lyrics? Is it the music? Does one play a larger role than the other? Can one override the other (for better or worse)?

Is It Legal To Post Concert Videos Online?

We can’t give you a legal answer, but we CAN give you an educated answer.

If the Teacher Has Fallen, Are the Lessons Useless?

Two years ago, an article was posted on Christianity Today that asked the question, “Should Christians Stop Studying The Teachings of Fallen Pastors?”.¬†Six responses were given, ranging from “yes, but…”

Has the Homecoming Series Come to an End?

Will there be any more official releases in the popular video series?

Our National Anthem On The World’s Biggest Stage

Skip this article if it makes you mad whenever DBM writes about any topic other than Southern Gospel…but you’re going to be skipping a good one!

Michael English “Live at Daywind Studios” Release….??

UPDATE 2/12/2016: Apparently the DVD’s ordered direct from Michael English’s website have indeed been shipped and received. The question remains, however, about the status of the title in retail. ORIGINAL

The Incredible Shrinking Groups

Is it just me, or are groups shrinking today? Brian Free & Assurance recently dropped from a quartet to a trio (at least for the time being) with the departure