Concert Review: The Booth Brothers (Marietta, GA)

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Concert Review

I get to see the Booth Brothers in a full-length concert at least once each year close to where I live, and this past weekend I did just that. The reigning Singing News Fan Favorite Artist of the Year was the only artist on the program so they performed a very long program of 20 songs for us, despite the fact that Ronnie and Michael Booth were both feeling “under the weather.”

Despite the illness of two-thirds of the group, Ronnie, Michael, and Paul Lancaster put on quite a wonderful performance at the Elizabeth Baptist Church, a venue that hosts red back singings on a regular basis. They performed some old favorites as well as nine songs from their brand new CD, From Here to Heaven, denoted with asterisks below. (To see a MusicScribe mega review on the album, click here!)

Here’s what they sang for us:

  • *That Says It All – This is a Mosie Lister song and fits the style of the Booth Brothers like a glove – smooth and mellow! I noticed a couple of times that Paul Lancaster took some of the high harmonies – once on this song and a time or two later in the concert. He has quite a vocal range.
  • Happy Rhythm – This is an old song but they certainly put their own very lively spin on it.
  • *Come and See the Man at the Well – This is another Mosie Lister song, a very peppy, upbeat little song.
  • He Saw It All – It seems that people always want to hear the blind man song! I can’t say that I blame them!
  • *Stop The Storm – Paul was featured on this fabulous new song by Sonya and Becky Isaacs and Joseph Habedank.
  • *It Is No Secret – This beloved old song was performed with only Ronnie’s accoustic guitar as accompaniment and it was absolutely gorgeous.
  • *Grace Divine – Like I said on the mega review, this song has all of the smooth beautiful harmony that we expect from the Booth Brothers.
  • See What a Morning – I particular enjoyed the celtic sound of this song.   I’ve heard it from three different artists and they have all used this treatment.  Beautifully done!
  • *Facts Are Facts – They had a lot of fun with this old Steven Curtis Chapman song!   Paul had the verses and the audience joined in with the “facts are facts” parts of the chorus a few times.
  • Tears are a Language – I loved this Gordon Jensen song so much when Jim Brady was featured on this song when he was with the group.   Ronnie now takes it up and did a great job.
  • *He Heals – Michael was the featured singer on this slow song of encouragement and Paul took up the high harmony notes.
  • Jesus Saves – There are several songs out there with this title, but this is the one that is such a trademark of the LeFevre Quartet.   It is such a powerful, powerful song with background vocals by the Collingsworth Family.
  • Life’s Railway to Heaven – This was a nice little blast from the past.
  • Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet – Even though he might not have been at his very best, Michael did a wonderful job on his signature song.  It was done with a track as well as Ronnie on the guitar.
  • Because He Lives – This was also done with track and the guitar.  And, of course, the audience joined on the choruses.
  • *From Here to Heaven – Michael gave an explanation of how they ended up having country music group Restless Heart sing this song with them on their new recording and why there would be some singing going on when none of the Booth Brothers would be opening their mouths!
  • Touch of the Master’s Hand – Paul always does a fabulous job on this song.
  • I See Grace –  This is one of the songs written by Jim Brady that I hope they will be singing for a long time.
  • *Moment of Grace – This was pretty breath-taking given the fact that the track failed during the first verse!   They finished the song anyway and it was really beautiful.
  • If We Never Meet Again – This was a lovely ending to a lovely evening!


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Diana Brantley

Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.


  1. Robert York

    Thumbs up. Great review and the Booth Brothers was also great. Wonderful evening, lot of folks attended that hadn’t seen them in concert.

  2. Teresa

    The Booth Brothers are consistently AWESOME!! What voices, WOW! We always look forward to seeing them every time they are nearby. I could never get tired of hearing their music.

  3. Lisa

    Great review and another awesome concert from the Booth Brothers. They always lead us to worship and never disappoint their fans.


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