The Rambos – “Cross Country Concert” (1965), “Dottie, Buck & Joe” (1965) & “Those Singing Rambos” (1965)

1965 was a busy year for the Rambos, as they released 3 albums with different personnel on each album. Check out James’ review of these albums as we continue our trek through the Rambos cataloge!

The Hinsons – One More Hallelujah (1992)

1992 saw the Hinsons come back together for one final album. This week, James walks us through that one final “Hallelujah” album…

The Hinsons – Generations (1987)

Sadly, the Hinsons disbanded in 1988, and this 1987 release would be their final album until they reunited a few years later. Check out James’ review of this legendary album.

The Hinsons – The Legacy Goes on (1986)

In 1986, the Hinsons released one of James’ personal favorite Hinson albums. Check out what he has to say about it…

The Hinsons – It Runs in the Family (1985)

Check out James’ review of the Hinsons’ 1985 album, “It Runs in the Family”…

The Hinsons – Live the Roof Off…Live! (1984)

One of the most exciting and electrifying live albums during the 80s was this live album by the Hinsons. Check out what James has to say about it…let us hear your thoughts too!

The Hinsons – A Hinson Christmas (1983)

It’s Christmas in September! Check out James’ review of the Hinsons’ 1983 Christmas album.

The Hinsons – Hinsongs (1982)

In 1982, the Hinsons released one of the most iconic albums in the SG genre. Check out what James has to say about the album!

The Hinsons – Bubblin’ (1981)

The 80s were an exciting time for the Hinsons…you could say they were just “Bubblin'” over with excitement! Check out this latest review as James talks about their 1981 recording, “Bubblin'”.

The Hinsons – Song Vineyard (1980)

1980 was a major transitional year for the Hinsons. With “Song Vineyard”, they recorded one of the most unique albums in their discography.

The Hinsons – Prime (1979)

The Hinsons’ 1979 album, “Prime”, was the Hinsons in their prime. This was one of the finest albums ever produced. Check out James’ thoughts on this fantastic recording.