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New Music Reviews – Early-October Christmas Releases

Read our reviews of 4 new Christmas releases, then listen to all of them for FREE.

New Music Reviews – Early-October Releases

The Lore Family’s Hidden Blessings features eleven new songs. Members of this group include Darren & Sandy Lore along with their children, Fayth and Samuel. Pros: Hidden Blessings features strong

New Music Reviews – Mid/Late-August Releases

You’ve Arrived is the third album released by Greater Vision since Jon Epley began singing baritone in 2017. Gerald Wolfe served as executive producer for You’ve Arrived, and if you’re

New Music Reviews – Mid-August Releases

The music keeps rolling in for August…check out DBM’s reviews.

New Music Reviews – Early August 2019

DBM reviews new released by Ivan Parker and Michael Booth.

New Music Reviews – July 2019

The current GVB lineup has had two years to gel.

CD Review: “Victory Shout” – The Kingsmen

Is “Victory Shout” another victory for The Kingsmen?

Audio Review: Jeremy & Rachel Chupp – Breakthrough

Jeremy & Rachel Chupp’s latest CD titled Breakthrough features several familiar classics including “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”, “He Is Mine”, “In The Highways”, and “Patching It Up.” Producer Jeremy

New Music Reviews – Early May 2019

Due to the large number of new releases in May, reviews will be spread over two articles. Enjoy the wealth of new music! Steven Curtis Chapman gets the Gaither Gospel