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The Hinsons – …Sing About the Lighthouse (1971)

This week starts a new series of record reviews as James Hales tackles the albums by the Hinsons. First on the list is their iconic first major album which features their hit song, “The Lighthouse”! Check it out…

The Happy Goodman Family – The Reunion (1990)

As we wrap up this series on the Happy Goodmans, James walks us through this final album by Howard, Sam, Rusty and Vestal.

The Happy Goodman Family – Chosen (1982)

Dropping the “Happy” moniker, the group shortened their name to just the Goodmans for this last album before the group disbanded later in 1983. Check out what this album was all about!

The Happy Goodman Family – Goodman Greats (1982)

Here is a unique album from early 1982 featuring the original music tracks of these Goodman hits, with updated vocals by the (then) current Goodmans.

The Happy Goodman Family – Goin’ Higher (1981)

Check out James’ review of the first album of the Goodmans, post Howard & Vestal’s departure in 1980.

The Happy Goodman Family – Better Hurry Up! (1979)

Check out James’ latest review of the Goodmans’ final album from the 70s, their 1979 album, “Better Hurry Up”.

The Happy Goodman Family – Refreshing (1978)

Check out James’ refreshing review of the Goodmans’ 1978 Grammy winning album, “Refreshing”.

The Happy Goodman Family – The Very Best of the Happy Goodmans…Live! (1977)

It’s been 45 years since this live album was recorded. It’s a walk down memory lane with some of the Goodmans’ best known songs. Read all about it and let me know your thoughts!

The Happy Goodman Family – “99 44/100%” (1976)

As the title implies, this is 99 44/100% pure Goodman! Check out James’ review of their 1976 classic album.

The Happy Goodman Family – “Covered in Warmth” (1975)

After being off the road for almost a year from various heart problems, Vestal returns on this 1975 release by the Goodmans. Read all about it!

The Happy Goodman Family – The Happy Goodman Famiy Hour (1974)

Check out James’ latest review of the 1974 Goodman album, “The Happy Goodman Family Hour”.

The Happy Goodman Family – The Legendary Goodmans (1973)

Check out James’ review of the Goodmans’ 1973 album which contained such classic hits as “I Saw the Man”, “How Much More” and “What a Lovely Name”.