#NewsNuggets: 12-30-22

The Guardians add a new singer in this week’s NewsNuggets!

The Rambos – Soul Classics (1971)

In 1971, the Rambos released one of their more progressive albums at the time, “Soul Classics”. Check out what James has to say about it…

Best Albums And Songs From 2022

The best albums and songs from 2022 according to DBM.

Come Worship the King

Still through the cloven skies they come With peaceful wings unfurled And still their heavenly music floats O’er all the weary world; Above its sad and lowly plains They bend

#NewsNuggets: 12-23-22

MERRY CHRISTMAS We interrupt our regularly scheduled #NewsNuggets series to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Click HERE to listen to December 2022 releases

The Rambos – The Real Thing (1970)

In 1970, the Rambos released “The Real Thing”, which contained one of their most loved songs, “Build My Mansion (Next Door to Jesus)”. The album offered much more than just 1 iconic tune, so check out what James has to say about it!

There’s Power in Prayer

I’ve been thinking lately of some of the prayers that God has answered for me–both recently and in times past. I can also think of some that He hasn’t, but

The Rambos – This is My Valley (1969)

This album by the Rambos included 4 huge hits for the group and became one of their most popular albums. Check out this latest review on this album by the Rambos.

#NewsNuggets: 12-9-22

A new “super group” forms and more in NewsNuggets!

The Rambos – An Evening with the Singing Rambos (1968)

1968 was a pivotal year for the Rambos. Check out what James has to say about this landmark album for the group!

Thankful for God’s Mercy

In reading through Exodus, I am struck by God’s mercy–even to Egyptians who had no regard for Him whatsoever. Emphasis is often placed on the plagues that God sent their