Recording Oddities

Music Biz Monday: Manufactured Perfection?

Most albums now, thanks to a combination of enhanced digital recording techniques and ease of editing, consist of virtually flawless vocal performances – with an emphasis on the “virtual” part.

Audio Data Compression vs Dynamic Range Compression

Consider this an effort to try to clear the air a bit and help you understand why I’m complaining (well, why I’m complaining about this, anyway).

Recording Oddities: The Kingsmen – “I’ll Fly Away”

I remember my Dad had quite a record collection. His favorite pastime was to put these records onto mix tapes to play in the car. One such tape I remember

Recording Oddities: Gold City – “I’m Free Again”

This is an oddity that I can’t really verify exists, so I’m taking this one to the masses for help! Back in 2003, Gold City started a relationship with New

Recording Oddities: “Hand Of Sweet Release”

I’ve long considered the Gaither Vocal Band’s 1998 Christmas album, Still The Greatest Story Ever Told, to be not only among one of my favorite Christmas albums, but one of

Recording Oddities: The Cathedrals – “Keep On Singing” LP

When there’s a change in personnel, do you just record the new member’s vocals, or does EVERYONE get a second take on the songs?