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I certainly applaud all of the groups with their efforts to keep in touch with the fans via their websites, facebook, phone apps, twitter, etc, but this idea really struck me

#NewsNuggets: 5-23-16

That’s “Doctor Gooch” to you…and more in this week’s episode of News Nuggets.

#NewsNuggets: 5-16-16

A photo of LIncoln Ball and his new puppy received thousands of views, shares, likes and comments. Read all about it and more in this week’s News Nuggets article!

#NewsNuggets: 5-2-16

Why is Tim Lovelace holding this key? Learn the answer to this question and more in the latest edition of News Nuggets.

#NewsNuggets: 4-25-16

There’s just one “nugget” today, but it’s one that will make you smile.

#NewsNuggets: 4-18-16

The Lesters have a new look, upcoming releases, and more!

#NewsNuggets: 4-11-16

The Troy Burn Family has a new baritone singer, upcoming CD/DVD releases and more!

#NewsNuggets: 4-4-16

Have the Imperials really returned? Find out this and more in this week’s edition of News Nuggets.

#NewsNuggets: 3-28-16

Last Week’s Happenings WGNZ 1110AM radio in Dayton, Ohio announced they have secured an FM license and will begin broadcasting on 104.3 in Dayton on May 1. The Taylors announced

#NewsNuggets: 3-21-16

Last Week’s Happenings Abraham Productions announced the availability of a free smartphone app for their Singing In The Sun event in April. App users will be able to receive schedule

#NewsNuggets: 3-14-16

Jerry Salley signs with Banner Music.