CD Rated: Darryl Richmond

A Nutshell Review Rating: 2 1/2 Stars Label: MCG Records Producer: Jackson Russell Website: www.darrylrichmond.com Song Titles: “Everyday Gets Sweeter,” “I’ve Got Faith,” “Do Lord Remember Me,” “What A Friend

CD Rated: Liberty Quartet (Timeless Treasured Hymns 2)

A Nutshell Review Rating: 3 1/2 Stars Producers: Royce Mitchell and Doran Ritchey Website: www.libertyquartet.com Song Titles: “Jesus Saves,” “Have Thine Own Way, Lord,” “My Savior’s Love”/”And Can It Be?,”

CD Rated: Dale & Cheryl Golden (Hymns Of Gold I)

Artist: Dale & Cheryl Golden Title: Hymns Of Gold I Rating: 3 1/2 Stars Nutshell Analysis: This new CD by Dale & Cheryl Golden includes twenty familiar hymns in a

Best 2007 CDs

Here are my picks for the Best CDs of 2007. 5 Star level: 1. Janet Paschal – Sounds Like Sunday 2. Talley Trio – Stages 3. Imperials – Back To

CD Rated: Dills (Uncommon)

Artist: The Dills Title: Uncommon Rating: 4 Stars Nutshell Analysis: This is a strong release by the Dills, an exciting up-and-coming group that consists of two brothers and their wives.

CD Rated: Eighth Day (Headin’ Home)

Artist: Eighth Day Title: Headin’ Home Rating: 4 Stars Nutshell Analysis: I found Headin’ Home up on a shelf a few days ago and realized I never had reviewed it.

CD Rated: Melody Boys Quartet (God’s Christmas)

Artist: Melody Boys Quartet Title: God’s Christmas Rating: 3 Stars Nutshell Analysis: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. When you take away the production quality this group’s recordings had when

CD Rated: Crabb Family (Letting Go)

Artist: Crabb Family Title: Letting Go Rating: 5 Stars Nutshell Analysis: For their final hurrah, the Crabb Family draws from their past and present influences. “Child Of The King” has

CD Rated: Anchormen (Glory Ahead)

Artist: Anchormen Title: Glory Ahead Rating: 3 1/2 Stars Nutshell Analysis: Glory Ahead is the first recording by the Anchormen since the former members of the Anchormen became Driven and

CD Rated: Called Out Quartet (Can’t Make It By Myself)

Artist: Called Out Quartet Title: Can’t Make It By Myself Rating: 3 1/2 Stars Nutshell Analysis: An upgraded version of “I Just Can’t Make It By Myself” with a pounding

CD Rated: Balsam Range (Marching Home)

Artist: Balsam Range Title: Marching Home Rating: 4 1/2 Stars Nutshell Analysis: I wrote a blog entry a few weeks ago about Tim Surrett’s return to bluegrass. Marching Home by

CD Rated: Gaither Gospel Series (Amazing Grace)

Artist: Gaither Gospel Series Title: Amazing Grace Rating: 4 Stars Nutshell Analysis: Amazing Grace shares most of the same pros and cons as its companion product, How Great Thou Art.