Come Worship the King

by Sony Elise | December 25, 2022 4:22 PM

Still through the cloven skies they come
With peaceful wings unfurled
And still their heavenly music floats
O’er all the weary world;
Above its sad and lowly plains
They bend on hovering wing.
And ever o’er its Babel sounds
The blessed angels sing.

~from It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

I love this time of year as I look forward to resting, taking a break from normal work, and spending time with my family. I especially hope to spend a lot of time with my feet up and a good book in hand. Oh, the bliss!

For some, however, it is hard to get past losses they’ve suffered, financial issues, relational issues, etc. Some of these circumstances they brought upon themselves, while some were cast on them by seemingly no fault of their own. Oh, that all would learn to cast their cares upon the Lord and be able to find something to celebrate!

I know people who are struggling in various ways, and I’m sure that is not helping the outlook in a lot of homes. In spite of whatever you’re going through, Jesus still came. He still lives. Joy is not found in money, expensive gifts, nice clothes, etc. Peace and joy come only from the One who was born of a virgin, who spent His life teaching us how to live, and who died and rose again so that we could spend eternity with Him. This world is not our final home. That alone is reason to celebrate!

I hope you are having a blessed day worshiping the One who gave us the greatest gift of all: Himself!

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