The Originals: He Touched Me

by David Bruce Murray | June 21, 2021 2:00 PM

The suggestion to write a song emphasizing the word “touch” was made to William J. Gaither by evangelist Dr. Dale Oldham. “He Touched Me” was Gaither’s fifty-fourth song in a catalog that would eventually surpass 700. Gaither wrote the song in 1963, and the Bill Gaither Trio recorded it in 1964.

It may come as a surprise to some of you to learn the recording by Gaither’s own trio was not the first.

Earlier in 1964, Dr. Oldham’s son Doug Oldham recorded “He Touched Me.” It was the opening track on his 1964 album Songs That Touch The Heart. Aside from the color and one word in the title, the album’s cover was identical to Oldham’s previous release Songs That Lift The Heart.

Check out the original recording of “He Touched Me” below:

According to, “He Touched Me” has been published in at least 20 hymnals over the years. The number of recordings is likely in the thousands considering that so many amateur groups have recorded the song as well as virtually every professional Southern Gospel artist. Several artists have released more than one version over the years including a considerable number by Gaither himself as part of the Bill Gaither Trio, the Gaither Vocal Band, and the Homecoming video series.

Below is a list of artists who have recorded “He Touched Me.” This list is a mere fraction of the total but is long enough to show the song’s vast impact.

Like this:

  1. Anchormen:
  2. Anthony Burger:
  3. Apostles:
  4. Bill Gaither Trio:
  5. Blackwood Brothers:
  6. Blackwood Quartet:
  7. Blackwood Singers:
  8. Blue Ridge:
  9. Blue Ridge Quartet:
  10. Booth Brothers:
  11. Browns:
  12. Calvarymen Quartet:
  13. Carroll Roberson:
  14. Cathedral Quartet:
  15. Christian Davis:
  16. Couriers:
  17. Cumberland Quartet:
  18. Danny Gaither:
  19. Darrell Luster:
  20. Dixie Echoes:
  21. Dixie Melody Boys:
  22. Doris Akers:
  23. Doug Oldham:
  24. Down East Boys:
  25. Downings:
  26. Driven Quartet:
  27. Elvis Presley:
  28. Ernie Haase And Signature Sound:
  29. Florida Boys:
  30. Gaither Homecoming Series:
  31. Gaither Vocal Band:
  32. Galileans:
  33. Gary McSpadden:
  34. Gold City:
  35. Gospel Brass:
  36. Gospel Harmony Boys:
  37. Gospel Lads:
  38. Heaven Bound:
  39. Henry And Hazel Slaughter:
  40. Henry Slaughter:
  41. Homeland Harmony Quartet:
  42. Homeland Quartet:
  43. Hopper Brothers 2.0:
  44. Imperials:
  45. Inspirations:
  46. Ivan Parker:
  47. J D Sumner And The Stamps:
  48. Jack Holcomb:
  49. Jake Hess:
  50. James Blackwood:
  51. Jimmy Swaggart:
  52. John Hall:
  53. John Mathews Family:
  54. Jubilee Quartet:
  55. Keystone Quartet:
  56. Kingdom Heirs:
  57. King’s Heralds:
  58. Kingsmen Quartet:
  59. Lesters:
  60. London Parris And The Apostles:
  61. Lundstroms:
  62. Mark Trammell Quartet:
  63. Masterpeace:
  64. Masters V:
  65. Melody Boys Quartet:
  66. Messengers:
  67. Music City Singers:
  68. Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet:
  69. Palmetto State Quartet:
  70. Pine Ridge Boys:
  71. Plainsmen:
  72. Premiers Quartet:
  73. Rebels:
  74. Rhythm Masters:
  75. Roger McDuff:
  76. Ronnie Booth:
  77. Sego Brothers And Naomi:
  78. Senators:
  79. Singing Americans:
  80. Smitty Gatlin Trio:
  81. Soul’d Out Quartet:
  82. Songfellows Quartet:
  83. Speer Family:
  84. Squire Parsons And Redeemed:
  85. Statesmen:
  86. Talleys:
  87. Teddy Huffam And The Gems:
  88. Thrasher Brothers:
  89. Three Bridges:
  90. Toney Brothers:
  91. Various Artists:
  92. Vicksburg Quartet:
  93. Vocal Edition:
  94. Weatherfords:
  95. Whisnants:
  96. Wills Family:
  97. Woodsmen:

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