Don’t Forget to Give Thanks

by Sony Elise | June 20, 2021 9:57 AM

“If just one soul returns to give thanks for what You’ve done
This is my prayer, Lord, let me be the one.” ~The Rochesters

I expect the majority of people see prayer as a time to present their requests to the Lord, but I wonder how many go back and thank Him when the answer comes. Each day, I make a habit of thanking God for answering specific prayers. This practice has done wonders for my prayer life.

People used to make fun of the fictional Pollyanna for her overly positive attitude about life, but I find it to be a greater problem that people sometimes lose sight of any good in their lives. I realize that there are times when life looks “dark as a dungeon” as Dottie Rambo wrote, but we should not make a home in that dungeon. There is no doubt a shaft of light somewhere, and you must press through to find it. When you do, you will most likely see a myriad of things for which you have never thanked your Father.

I encourage you today to think about the things you have asked for this past year and consider how many of those were answered. Then take a minute to thank God for granting your requests. The more you do this, the more quickly you will remember to thank Him in the future.

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