Seek Your Servant

My mind has been going in a lot of directions the last few days as I’ve been processing the National Quartet Convention which I watched online last week. I had

NQC 2019 – Saturday

While I was not able to attend the closing concert, I did attend the two showcases earlier in the day and they were both fabulous! Gerald Wolfe brought his popular

NQC 2019 – Friday

Friday had a very long list of events scheduled to last until almost midnight! I didn’t make it nearly that long! I started off with one of my favorite events

#NewsNuggets: 9-27-19

Six new releases this week and more in News Nuggets.

NQC 2019 – THURSDAY Evening

I rolled into Pigeon Forge this afternoon in time to visit and shop at the artist booths set up throughout the LeConte Center. Some of the artists I wanted to

NQC 2019 – Tuesday

Tuesday at the National Quartet Convention was a full day.

Do You Believe in God?

When asked the title question, I expect everyone reading this would answer, “Yes, I do!” But does your life reflect what you profess to believe? It’s easy for the majority

#NewsNuggets: 9-20-19

Learn how you can see the inside of this famous bus next Tuesday, and more in News Nuggets!

Libbi Perry’s Fundraiser For SGMA

The Perrys will appear at NQC in these outfits if you give $$$ to the SGMA!