Dixie Echoes: Keeping It Real

by David Bruce Murray | July 30, 2019 2:51 PM

DBM’s Note: We RARELY print complete press releases here, preferring instead to give you condensed News Nuggets with all the extraneous fluff and puffery removed. This tongue-in-cheek “real press release” from the Dixie Echoes today is an exception. Enjoy!

It is with mediocre sadness we announce the defection…uh…I mean…departure of our long time (relatively speaking) tenor, Stephen Adair.

“I’ve travelled with many…and I mean MANY tenors, and Stephen is certainly one of them.” states bass player, Scoot Shelnut. “He has become like a 3rd cousin to all of us and we wish him average, at best.”

Stephen will be joining another great quartet, Mark Trammell and the Trammellaires. Mark, as if anyone didn’t know, is the former baritone/bass player for the Cathedrals…and Greater Vision…and Gold City…and the 2nd Half Quartet…and the Southmen…and the Kingsmen…and the Mark Trammell Trio.

The Dixie Echoes are currently accepting auditions for tenor/bus washing engineer/trash taker outer, so please send your resume’, photo, demo (CD or cassette), $25 cash, and a bag of Skittles to:

Dixie Echoes Tenor Training Program 
481 Ronda St
Pensacola, FL 32534

Please continue to pray for the Dixie Echoes and the Trammelltones+ Randy & Trevor during this transition. 
John 11:35

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