Audio Review: Jeremy & Rachel Chupp – Breakthrough

by David Bruce Murray | May 29, 2019 1:46 PM

Jeremy & Rachel Chupp’s latest CD titled Breakthrough features several familiar classics including “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”, “He Is Mine”, “In The Highways”, and “Patching It Up.” Producer Jeremy Peace adds a third vocal harmony part to most choruses, making them sound more like a trio than a duo. The couple is based in Fort Valley, Georgia.

Pros: Most arrangements on Breakthrough feature Rachel and work to her strengths which include a pleasant mid-range vocal tone. “Patching It Up” is my favorite track featuring Rachel followed by “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.”

Cons: The EQ setting on the opening track, “It Could’ve Been Me,” stifles several frequencies that did not need to be diminished, giving it an AM radio quality (that I assume was unintentional). On “Waitin’ For The Master,” the finger snaps and bass guitar are awkward. Dropping both in favor of an a cappella arrangement would have been an improvement.

Label: Peace Records
Song Titles: It Could’ve Been Me; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; He Is Mine; A Heavenly Place; That Man; Patching Things Up; In The Highways; A Room With A View; Waitin’ For The Master; I’m Not Praying To My Need
Release Date: April 19, 2019
Rating: 3 Stars (scale of 1-5 Stars)

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