First Look: Chris Bryant, Kingsmen Quartet

by Diana Brantley | August 13, 2018 11:13 AM

Bob Sellers held the lead position with the mighty Kingsmen since 2011, so when it was announced that he would be stepping down, many folks were wondering who the new man would be to take his place on the stage. We don’t have to wonder any more! It’s Chris Bryant, who leaves the Bibletones to accept this position.

Here are two videos so you can hear Chris with current members Chris Jenkins and Ray Dean Reese and fill-in baritone Alan Kendall:

Hear the Word of the Lord[1]
I Will Rise Up From My Grave[2]


Here is a link[3] to the full announcement from the Kingsmen.

Like this:

  1. Hear the Word of the Lord:
  2. I Will Rise Up From My Grave:
  3. Here is a link:

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