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by | Jul 12, 2018 | CD Reviews, Reviews

The members of Sunday Drive include Misty, Jeff, and Dusty Treece. Their new CD,  A Million Miles, hits retail outlets on July 13. Please don’t judge the recording by it’s “oh well, let’s just slap a random collage on it” cover. There is very good music inside.

Misty Treece is the primary vocalist for Sunday Drive. Her rich alto tones shine on the cover version of “Born Again,” a song popularized years ago by Evie Tornquist (Karlsson). She’s also the featured singer for the title track.

I believe it’s Dusty who steps out to sing the melody part on “What Can Change The World.”

Jeff is featured on a novelty song as you would expect if you’re already familiar with Sunday Drive. His latest is titled “It’s All About Me” and involves fights at Walmart, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and church! Other than those two tracks, Jeff & Dusty provide harmony vocals behind Misty’s melodies.

Other highlights include the up-tempo “Living In The Middle Of His Will,” the smooth opening track “Right Where You Are,” and the encouraging lyric “Just Before The Dawn.”

Let’s talk a bit more about that artwork. If this were a long-play vinyl record cover, the front design might be OK, but they’d just tried to cram in too much for a CD cover. A few images are only about 3/4-inch in width! The inside tray liner (the side you can’t see until after you’ve removed the shrinkwrap) features a better, simpler six-photo design. Oh well.

Artwork aside, fans of female-fronted mixed groups should enjoy A Million Miles. The flavor on most tracks is traditional Country. My rating is 4 Stars.

Label: Sonlite Records
Producer: Jeff Collins
Song Titles: Right Where You Want Me To Be (Don Stiles); Born Again (Andrew Culverwell); I’m Not Gonna Leave (Jeff Treece, Ray Scarbrough); What Can Change The World); A Million Miles (Mark Bishop); He Set Me Free (Misty Treece, Jeff Treece); Living In The Middle Of His Will (Dianne Wilkinson, Lee Black); Angels Sing My Victory Song (Jeff Treece); Just Before The Dawn (Jeff Treece, Steve Jones); It’s All About Me (Jeff Treece, Jim Stover, Steve Jones)
Rating: 4 Stars

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David Bruce Murray

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