Memphis Quartet Show 2018 – Thursday events

by Diana Brantley | June 15, 2018 3:42 PM


Ernie Haase & Signature Sound has appeared at the Memphis Quartet Show both as an evening concert artist and, more frequently, as a matinee feature. This year they appeared in the matinee, and for 1-1/2 hours, the delighted the still enthusiastic crowd with many new songs from the Clear Skies album and some of their older popular songs and songs from the Cathedrals.

Since David Griffith has come off of the road, they enlisted Scoot Shelnut to play the bass guitar for this appearance. It sounded like Scoot was a regular member of their band with the wonderful job he did!

I want to share just one video from the program now and I’ll be sharing more next week. This is a patriotic medley that they recently sang at the Atlanta Motor Speedway (in my home area!):

Here are a couple more videos from the matinee:


Evening Concert

The evening concert was as fabulous as Wednesday night’s program plus a little bit more since there were five groups instead of four! After the groups sang a song together, it was announced that Mark Trammell has been inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame. It was just last year that Mark was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame (a different organization entirely).  It’s so good to see Mark rewarded for his more than 40 years of extraordinary service in the Southern Gospel music industry!

The groups that appeared tonight were outstanding, including Dixie Melody Boys, Blackwood Brothers Quartet, Bibletones, Tribute Quartet, and Mark Trammell Quartet. I’ll have more to say about their programs and more videos to post, but for now, I was only able to upload one video using the hotel wi-fi.   (These are very large hd movie files, so I guess it’s just to much for a shared wi-fi system even using the overnight hours.)

Bibletones – This was my first time to see the Bibletones – but I sure hope it isn’t my last!


The biggest highlight of the entire day (and probably the week) was when Michael Helwig WALKED onto the stage to sing with the Blackwood Brothers. If you’ve been following his story, Michael has been confined to a wheelchair due to ALS for about a year. I have finally been able to upload the first portion of my large video which shows him walking on stage and giving some comments.   I’ll post the complete video next week.

The Dixie Melody Boys were the first group for the evening with SGMA Hall of Famer Ed O’Neal and his “boys” Jerry Skaggs, Josh Garner, Willie Sawrey.  Ed is truy a treasure and he sounded wonderful!  Here are a couple of the songs they sang:

Bibletones – This group from Mississippi has been singing since 1957!  I really enjoyed their traditional sound with group members Danny Jackson, Chris Bryant, Jack Armstrong, Glen Floyd, and Ken Keyes (bass guitarist).  Andrew Ishee is their normal pianist but he was unable to attend because of family plans so Jeff Stice appeared with the group.  Here’s one more video from this group:

Tribute Quartet – Riley Harrison Clark, Gary Casto, Josh Singletary, and Anthony Davis make up this group which prides itself on “Preserving the Heritage” of gospel music.   These two videos come from their album “Quartet Tribute”:

Mark Trammell Quartet – This group appeared in two of the evening concerts this year.  During this appearance, it was announced that Mark Trammell will be inducted into the SGMA Hall of Fame.  The other group members are Blake Buffin, Nick Trammell, Randy Byrd, and pianist Trevor Conkle.

The Blackwood Brothers Quartet are such legends and it was such a joy to hear them at two evening concerts.   Their group members now are Wayne Little, Jonathan Mattingly, Billy Blackwood and Butch Owens.

Here is the[10] full video of Michael’s appearance which includes I’d Rather Have Jesus and Forever Forgiven.


Like this:

  1. Walking Through Fire:
  2. Great Is Thy Faithfulness:
  3. Wait Upon the Lord:
  4. Victory Road:
  5. Sunrise In The Morning:
  6. Come On Let’s Go To That Land:
  7. Move That Mountain:
  8. Announcement of HOF induction:
  9. The King Is Coming:
  10. Here is the:

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