The Originals: What A Day That Will Be

by David Bruce Murray | January 13, 2018 2:00 PM

“What A Day That Will Be” was written by Jim Hill in 1955.

At the time, Hill was singing tenor with The Golden Keys, a part-time/weekender group based in Ohio. The Golden Keys sang the song first, but another quartet was the first to record it.

The Homeland Harmony Quartet (circa 1956)

In Atlanta, there was a group closely affiliated with the Church Of God denomination called the Homeland Harmony Quartet. Their sound was defined by the distinctive vocals of their tenor Connor Hall and a young bass singer named Rex Nelon. The Homeland Harmony Quartet heard “What A Day That Will Be” and were the first to record it. Their version was released in 1957 on Liberty Records single #5015.

Click HERE[1] to hear the very first recording of “What A Day That Will Be” by the Homeland Harmony Quartet!

In the years that followed, “What A Day That Will Be” was recorded by numerous artists. The song is so popular that it is still included in many modern hymnbooks.

The following list of artists who have recorded the song (from our sister site,[2]), is not a complete listing of every artist to record “What A Day That Will Be,” but as you can see, it is rather lengthy!

(A big thanks to John Crenshaw for his assistance with this article!)


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