NQC 2017: Gaither Homecoming Singalong Showcase (Thursday)

by David Bruce Murray | September 28, 2017 9:24 PM

Bill Gaither led a singalong with a stage full of singers and a band supplemented by videos of singers who have already passed on. There was the usual humor with Kevin Williams and great singing both by Homecoming regulars and NQC’s top stars. For me, the highlight of the entire two-hour event was hearing Todd Suttles and Angela Primm unite for a stirring rendition of “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.”

The powers that be at NQC haven’t always been great at math. 2017 is the 60th Anniversary of the first NQC in 1957. In 2003, however, the cover of the official NQC program book erroneously proclaimed that year to be the “45th Anniversary.” You’d think the official program book cover from the previous year that had “Celebrating 45 years” across the front might have given them a strong hint.

Like this:

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