Concert Reviews: Quintet Sunday – Mylon Hayes Family, Veritas (Dalton, Knoxville)

by Diana Brantley | August 5, 2017 2:00 PM

I recently had a most unusual Sunday! As rare as quintets are, I managed to see two of them on the same day – two quintets with such different styles and sound but with such similar themes in their music.

The Mylon Hayes Family[1], conisting of parents Mylon and Wendy Hayes, their twin sons Conner and Bailey, and daughter Kennedy, appeared at the Welcome Hill Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia for their Sunday morning service. This was a fairly small, very friendly church and it was really full for the service. They had a very small stage, so the family members had to get really cozy! It has been fun watching these kids grow and improve musically. Conner and Bailey each accompanied the family once on the piano and Conner played a solo as well. Kennedy didn’t play but she was featured vocally. At the end, they were asked to sing one of their shape note songs and they performed Rock of Ages Keep My Soul[2], which is what they sang when many folks saw them for the first time at the hymn sing at NQC in 2013. Here are a couple of selections that I’ve not previously posted videos of:

Jesus Saves[3] 

Jesus Can Change Your Life[4]


The next quintet, Veritas[5], calls itself “a dynamic twist to the contemporary classical genre.” This group of five outstanding musicians includes first tenors Jeff Anderson and Jordan Johnson, second tenor Andrew Goodwin, baritone James Berrian and bass Scott Lawrence. They performed throughout this past year with Sandy Patti on her “Forever Grateful” tour and they are featured on the live DVD that has just been released by the Gaither organization. During this evening’s concert, they shared several of the songs from their soon-to-be-released project “Hope Survives.” I love this group’s sound and message and I hope that you will enjoy these selections:

This Much[6] 

Come to the River[7]  

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  1. The Mylon Hayes Family:
  2. Rock of Ages Keep My Soul:
  3. Jesus Saves:
  4. Jesus Can Change Your Life:
  5. Veritas:
  6. This Much:
  7. Come to the River:

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