2017 Survey: Second Voting Round

by David Bruce Murray | August 9, 2017 3:00 PM

What was the Most Significant Personnel Change in Southern Gospel music’s history?

Last week you were presented with 36 historical moments where someone joined an existing group and proceeded to take that group to new heights. In five of the six sets put before you, you chose two clear leaders from each set. The remaining set was very close between three individuals.

This gives us a total of 13 individuals to consider in the second round. Actually, it’s just 12 individuals, but J D Sumner advanced twice due to his impact on two different groups. It’s also interesting to note that no first tenors, baritones, or musicians advanced to the second round, although several were nominated. Individuals who did advance include two alto vocalists, five lead/2nd tenors, and five bass singers.

Voting Rules: You MUST submit a total of THREE votes. Your vote will NOT be counted if you submit more or less than three votes. Submit only one comment with all three of your votes listed on the first line of that comment. Simply list the number that corresponds with each of your three selections. 

Voting ends at midnight (EDT) on Tuesday, August 15. 

Remember to take into account which group member additions made the greatest impact on the entire Southern Gospel music industry, not merely the group they joined!

1. 1985 – Michael English joins the Gaither Vocal Band
2. 1971 – Jim Hamill joins the Kingsmen
3. 1948 – Jake Hess joins the Statesmen
4. 1957 – Rex Nelon joins the LeFevres
5. 1983 – Ivan Parker joins Gold City
6. 1995 – Arthur Rice joins the Kingdom Heirs
7. 1954 – J D Sumner joins the Blackwood Brothers
8. 1965 – J D Sumner joins the Stamps
9. 1963 – Gloria Sickel Gaither joins the Bill Gaither Trio
10. 1964 – George Younce joins the Cathedrals
11. 1965 – Ed O’Neal joins the Dixie Melody Boys
12. 1963 – Vestal Freeman Goodman joins the Happy Goodmans
13. 1980 – Tim Riley joins Gold City

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