The Best Résumé In Southern Gospel Music

by David Bruce Murray | January 24, 2017 7:17 PM

Suppose you want to launch a traditional four singers plus a piano player quartet with only the very best in the business, but there’s just one catch: you’ve never heard any of the applicants. You must hire them based on their experience alone. Who has the best résumé in Southern Gospel music?

I’ll start with the baritone, because this one is easy. From 1974 to the present, Mark Trammell has performed with the Senators, the Kingsmen, the Cathedrals, Greater Vision, Gold City, a trio that bears his name which has since morphed into a quartet, and the Second Half Quartet. Trammell also has experience playing bass guitar.

Who do we put around him? Remember, the choices should be based on experience only! Who would look the best on paper before you heard them sing a word?

We need a tenor, a lead, a bass, and a pianist to complete the group. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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