CD Review: The Beelers (You’re Loved)

by David Bruce Murray | January 5, 2017 8:00 AM

Label: Skyland Records
Song Titles: I’m Free Again; Be Still And Know; Those Memories Of You (Ringing Of The Hammer); Heaven Knows; Lord Of The Raging Sea; Speak Lord; He’s In Control; I’ll Shout And Shine; Take Me To Him; More Than Amazing; Every Silver Lining; Pourin’ Rain
Rating: 3 Stars

The Beelers are a family trio based in Union County, Tennessee. Members include siblings Cory, Robin, & Tina. You’re Loved is their third recording, due to hit retail and online outlets on January 13.

With every family group, the blend is always amazing, right? Well, no. That’s just a myth that helps sell CDs by those rare family groups that actually do have amazing harmony. Brother Cory tends to push his vocal embellishments a little too far on some songs (“Those Memories Of You”/”He’s In Control”). “Take Me To Him” is a great lyric, but some notes are clearly sung flat. The pitch issues I heard on some other songs could be chalked up to style of delivery choices…various vocal scoop and swoop treatments…but not this one. I’m surprised it was allowed to pass.

You’re Loved would be better if the solo features were more evenly balanced between all three singers. Out of twelve songs, only “Heaven Knows,” “Speak Lord,” one verse on “More Than Amazing,” and another on “Every Silver Lining” feature Robin or Tina. I’m not sure why, because they both have pleasing voices.

The song selection and track production are excellent; enough to elevate You’re Loved to a rating of 3-Stars.

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